New Super Mario Bros. Wii Official Belgium Stamps

Super Mario on a stamp? You betcha. Shameless Advertising? Sure. This is an image of actual legitimate stamps which will be available for purchase on Monday in Belgium

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CrzyFooL2652d ago

Its'a me in your mailbox!

jaredhart2652d ago

Kinda cool. How about Kratos stamps?

greeneggsnsam2652d ago

Hey Francis should get some love too. Let's all post our avatars and say they should be stamps in Belgium.

Kreyg2652d ago

I wonder if they'll come out with Mushroom Stamps

CrzyFooL2652d ago

Haha, I got some umm stamps you can lick . . . .same effect . . . you know where im going with this . . .

Hitman07692652d ago

Funny funny funny, but let an AK47 go on a stamp from Black Ops and gaming is evil right? lol!

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