New Surface-like, Card Based RPG

Well, it didn't take long for Microsoft's Surface to trickle down into the fast-paced world of card gaming (ala Magic). Feast your eyes on the next device your children will be shoveling money into like it's going out of style, a new Square Enix (makers of Final Fantasy) and Taito collaboration called The Wheel of Eternity. The card-based RPG appears to function much in the same way that Bill Gates described Surface's object recognition properties as working, "sensing" cards which are placed on the game area, and reacting to their status, movement and arrangement. There's no word on when or if this game is coming to the states, but with kids' unnatural obsession with card games (particularly those of a Japanese ilk), it seems likely this will be popping up on these shores before long.

Hit the jump to view more screenshots and to see just how much it will cost to enjoy this arcade game...

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zoibie3902d ago

but yeah, this looks kind of like the eye of judgement only without the eye. Good use of the Surface though, would like to see a video or something

Vojkan3902d ago

Microsoft copy-cat. Wannabe "Eye of the Judgment"

segasage3902d ago

many uses and have been in development for years.

so shut your piehole..will ya..

you ain't seen nothing yet..

Bnet3433902d ago

uses eyetoy, which is a camera, this uses the table surface, like yu gi oh, which is actually better, but TCG are not so cool as they used to be so whatever.

power0919993902d ago

That's pretty cool right there.

So is this a collaboration between Square, and MS?

I wonder if this could mean something video game-wise down the road.

Cool device though.

razer3902d ago

Makes the Eye Toy look like a joke.

Too bad these thing's are 10k new.

djt233901d ago

They should put magic the gathering
it is alot more better