Opinion: Top 25 Games on XBL

The sheer amount of stuff on the Xbox Live Marketplace can be intimidating, so I’ve gone and made a list of twenty-five of the best Xbox Live Arcade games available today. It’s by no means an exhaustive collection – I could probably add another twenty-five titles with ease – but it hope it gives an idea of the breadth of amazing content now available for consoles online.

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badboy8082774d ago

I will remake everyone last one of these game on little big planet 2!!!!

Loner2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

Keep on dreaming

On topic - Limbo is the best

Yi-Long2774d ago

... ilomilo is a brilliant game and deserves to be on any list featuring the top XBLA games!

Also, Secret of Monkey Island is a great game, but the HD-remake of the first game ISN'T a great remake, due to the HIDEOUS new character design. Monkey Island 2 is slightly better in that department, and should be on the list instead of pt. 1.

Passthemic2774d ago

Good list, I played 50% of those games.

YourFriendQuinn2774d ago

Monday Night Combat and Limbo get my vote. But Trials is awesome too. So many good choices.

NoobSessions2774d ago

Ah, XBL... amazing games available only from the comfort of your own couch. O:

plb2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

I no longer have xbox and I know it's not an xbl game but what I really missed was 1vs100 why oh why did they get rid of it?!? Used to play it every night

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