Bulletstorm demo, multiplayer news and Cliffy B shows his face

Cliffy B just couldn't resist putting his face in one of those cool Bulletstorm videos. Demo date confirmed through Twitter. And finally the word on multiplayer and it's not what you would expect.

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floetry1012891d ago

Can't wait to give this a go.

EVILDEAD3602891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Bulletstorm looks great..can't wait for the Demo

The 'Burnout' of Shooters might end up launching a new sub-genre


divideby02891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

launching this game the same day as KZ3... just totally stupid...unless you only own a 360...I want to play BulletStorm, in time...

maxcer2891d ago

its killzone not call of duty.


Don't kid yourselves if killzone were on Xbox you'd be all over it like stink on shit.
I got both console and the gears series is the only thing I play on the box seeing as it's the only respectable series. Alan wake was decent.

Everything else I play on ps3 and truth is I don't play all that much call of duty I got too much other stuff to play. I do like cod but the graphics don't compare to killzone. If killzone were on Xbox pc ps3 and wii and ds and had the cod marketing behind it, and 7 titles then it would smash cod and their old gen graphics.

And you'll never see gears on ps3 as much as I would love to(then I could get rid of my Xbox)..reason being gears wouldn't do good on ps3 because people can't afford to buy the huge selection of games now why waste money putting out 2 games. Epic said they own the ip they could take it to ps3, but they know it won't do good..... Not only that it would devestate Xbox. They already lost mass effect. You can keep halo...bunch of kids and lousy graphics. I'm not really a resistance man but I think it looks better than halo

maxcer2891d ago

"Don't kid yourselves if killzone were on Xbox you'd be all over it like stink on shit."

why would i be all over it? i already have KZ2 for my ps3

"You can keep halo...bunch of kids and lousy graphics. I'm not really a resistance man but I think it looks better than halo"

this statement just proves your like the rest of the cesspool that is n4g, a bunch of biased ps3 retards who are more interested in how a game looks rather than how it plays.

bodybombs2891d ago

launching KZ3 the same day as this... just totally stupid... unless you only own a 360... i want to play killzone 3, in time...

Blaze9292891d ago

when was Killzone an IP that effected other games? Has it reached that status yet? It's just Killzone...

Like maxcer said, it's not CoD

mastiffchild2891d ago

You can honersstly say you dopn't think KZ3 will sell better 5than Bulletstorm on the PS3? It's going to damage the sales of B'storm and while it isn't COD it will likely end up selling 3million plus on PS3 which will make life harder for B'storm imho.

The Gears beta will keep it selling well on 360 but they should have found a decent incentive for PS3 owners to buy it too-as there's a lot more competition at release on the PS3 compared to 360 isn't there? Whether you are impressed by KZ3 or not.

jetlian2890d ago

to say KZ expected 2-3 million sales won't be reduced?

peeps2891d ago

If this wasn't releasing the same day as killzone 3 i'd be picking it up. Tbh though can always get it during the summer when theres no games releasing and it will be cheaper

alb18992891d ago

this one could be more fun to play than killzone,

DEADEND2891d ago

I'm going to get this day one but won't be playing it for a while because I'll be too busy playing Killzone 3.

S_C2891d ago

So Why Waste Money And Pay The Full Price If You Are Not Going To Play It For A While , Why Not Just Get It When The Price Drops

DEADEND2891d ago

Because I like picking things up day of, plus I am going to get around to it.

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