Booth babe of the year returns in a new Combat Arms video

Check out booth babe of the year 2009 in a new video from a game I'm just learning about. Combat Arms.

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pedrami912744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Dragon Nest looks pretty good, and it's F2P too :)

I wonder if we we'll ever see Nexon games on the consoles ? would that be possible ?

Kevin ButIer2743d ago

Nice show, Nexon should do some PSN/Live games

nickjkl2743d ago

i cringe every time they call some one a geek just because they play video games

nexon america needs to stop taking credit for nexon korea work

goukijones2743d ago

"they" can call me whatever they want. Thanks for the comment.

Lirky2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Vindictus is a fun free to play game i like the source engine physics too.

awiseman2743d ago

Combat arms is the game to play although I must warn you that as a long time player of the game, that it is full of hakers.

Motorola2743d ago

Its easier than COD, Any COD veteran can go and destroy everyone in that game with the default M16 (i think). It's more hacked than all the consoles put together lol. And NOTHING happens when you report people.

Kon2743d ago

I find combat arms more difficult than CoD

Motorola2743d ago

PC version of COD i mean, Veteran of THAT. Which is not easy

Ravenor2743d ago

Combat Arms is a poor mans CS, man up kids. CA is EASY.

Ducky2743d ago

A.V.A. is generally considered a better game due to less hackers. Although I liked the visual styles in CombatArms.

Though the community of F2P games generally pushes me away from playing them.

goukijones2743d ago

Thank you for all of the comments.

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