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Kevin Butler - the icon of the PlayStation brand advertising. If you are looking for him in the phone book, you'll be surprised after calling all Butlers, as this is not an authentic character. In the form of a marketing order created for the American branch of Sony's CE (by the agency Deutsch/LA) stars as actor Jerry Lambert.

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GodofSackboy2893d ago

No...he exists...

Why can't he be in the UK, ive seen literally two adverts for Move. Two. While being positively swamped with Kinect ads. We get crappy PS3 ads where people are made of cardboard. It's horrible.

HOTA9X2893d ago

I agree we get the same lame ads, sigh.

HIV2893d ago

Same here in Poland - no Kevin:/. Just "Home Alone" every year;).

Loner2893d ago

Hes a funny character but Jerry must be pissed off his acting career ended up as playing the jester role in tv commercials for videogame fanboys affections

Quagmire2891d ago

He needs his own game, or needs to star as a cameo in one.

Im thinking, Sony Smash Brawl?

akaFullMetal2892d ago

haha the little big planet 2 commercial is pretty funny.