Elena Confirmed For Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception writes:

"This was always going to be a no brainer but we just can’t get enough of Uncharted 3 info.

A quick look at the IMDb profile of Emily Rose, the actress who plays Elena Fisher in the Uncharted franchise, reveals a listing for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception."

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GodofSackboy2890d ago

Hell yeah =D

Sorry, it had to be said

velocitygamer2890d ago

"What would you rate 10 then"


blitz06232890d ago

If she isn't part of the game, then that's news to me. Not this

TheLastGuardian2890d ago

Was this really a necessary thing to confirm? Why in the world would Drake's girl not be in the game? That's common sense to anyone who finished Uncharted 2.

pimpmaster2890d ago

of course shes in , the tweeted she was working on uncharted 3 way before it was announced.

Dom63902889d ago

does she actually say shes playing elena?
i know its unlikely but she could be playing a different character. plenty of voice actors play multiple roles in games

visualb2890d ago

I foresee many little drakes and elenas running round at the end of U3 *strokes beard*

FAGOL2890d ago

Drake and kids. bahahaha.

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blackburn52890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

In a bikini at some point in the game please. Two piece string bikini okay? Thanks ND.

Blacktric2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

I think string bikini would look better on Chloe. Oh and while you're at it, please add a bikini wearing Sully skin ND. BTW, IMDB is not a reliable source when it comes to game characters. Before the release of MGS 4, its IMDB page was showing a character named "Liquidus Snake". Though, I'm pretty sure Elena will definitely be in the game, considering she's a fan favorite.

drexl2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

"Oh and while you're at it, please add a bikini wearing Sully skin ND."

Actually, make him wear Borat's mankini and I'll buy a hundred copies ND.

Mcardle2890d ago

Good stuff. On a sad note, I went to play Uncharted 2 today and had to update and now it won't load it only shows a spinning dagger? Any ideas?

Omar912890d ago

clean the disc?
maybe your not waiting long enough?
maybe just restart the ps3 and try again.

thats all i got lol

Mcardle2890d ago

Tried cleaning the disk, nothing wrong with that, switched it off for ten minutes and still just a spinning disk, I'll maybe try to re download the patch again...

pixelsword2890d ago

Uh, try saving your gameSave data (basically, your saved game) to a flash drive and (I hate to say this) try erasing your game and then reloading it from the drive... or you may have to erase the game data itself and reload it; but either way if you save the gameSave data you should be alright. when trying this; I had to do this a long time ago with the first PS3 ratchet and clank and it worked. good luck.

-Alpha2890d ago

Yep, try what Sword did, but instead of doing the save data (or if you cant) delete the game data and redownload. Of course u will have to sit through the updates again.

If you want to play single player back out of the updates, but if you want MP you will have to do the updates.

Good luck

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Seijoru2890d ago

Delete the install data. It will reinstall (its only like 15mb) and work again. Might have gotten corrupted.

Mcardle2890d ago

Yeah it worked, cheers

Anderson82890d ago

same thing happened to me, although mine sorted itself out after a couple tries

jukins2890d ago

i havent played uncharted 2 in awhile but i think after one of those patches after you put the game in it does some kind of syncing with the online portion of the game i remember it taking a good amount of time almost 10 minutes iirc

thawind2890d ago

ya that happen to me 4 mode)but overtime it started back working overtime..maybe its some type glitch

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fantasygamer2890d ago

AWESOME NEWS! I would like to see Chloe make a return as well the chemistry between all 4 characters was really fun to watch.

aGameDeveloper2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

I understand the actress was not picked up to voice Elena, but her 50 year old mother. Something tells me watching her climb up ladders won't be quite the same...

Pozzle2883d ago

I'm not sure if I want Chloe to return. I mean, I loved her to pieces but how would she fit into U3?
At the end of U2, she realized that she couldn't compete with Elena for a place in Drake's heart and left to pursue other things. Would she really want to return to work with Drake with all that history between them? I'm not so sure...

Ninver2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

I wonder if Drake ever married her? Narrr... dude's a jungle bachelor lol.

Sunny_D2890d ago

Oh, is that where he gets jungle fever from in Part 3?

mephixto2890d ago

She's gonna die in this game

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