TGS 2007 Microsoft's Upcoming Blockbusters

Take a peek at some of the hot titles coming to the Xbox360.

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cloud3603873d ago



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No one claped when Halo finshed almost everyone clapped when the FFXIII trailer finished in E3.....And this is a....oh i forgot its Japan

They hate so funny hahahaha..And he continues to work

Meus Renaissance3872d ago

Yeah he did look uncomfortable. Utter silence after Halo 3.

beavis4play3872d ago

was this guy talking to himself? there was ablsolutely no noise in the room. is that japanese style to be so quiet or is the 360 that hated there? wow.

jib3872d ago

lol i was wondering the same thing

Lightning Mr Bubbles3872d ago

pushing the XBOX 360 in Japan, is not an easy job. Why would anyone clap when they talk about Dynasty Warriors 6 or Devil May Cry 4 on XBOX 360, when in Japan most will get it for PS3.

jib3872d ago

atleast they're trying. as slow and painful as it is for MS, they're going to have to continue to be persistent if they ever want to break through and atleast sell decently in japan. the next xbox won't have a chance if the 360 stops now

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The story is too old to be commented.