TitanReviews: Test Drive Unlimited 2 Preview

Titan Reviews summarizes what's known about Test Drive Unlimited 2. The article was written by one of the new members of the site and is looking for some feedback.

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Kon2830d ago

Best Open world racing game out there.

Pwnage2u2830d ago

Because the game is already out.

Op242830d ago

what? it dosen't release until February bro

guigsy2830d ago

Reminds me of NFS Underground. Not been on my radar until recently but I reckon that I will get this.

Op242830d ago

same here. The 1st one was fun for a while, but got old pretty quickly. This one sounds like it has a lot more packed in content.

likedamaster2830d ago

Highly enjoyed the 1st one.

Perjoss2830d ago

yes yes,
I loved doing that 'around the whole island' race on a fast bike, was quite a rush. So cool to race for around 50 mins and not see the same bend or stretch of road twice.

Op242830d ago

my little brother liked taking long road trips across the island lol.