The Witcher 2 - developers talking about characters

Polish development studio CD Projekt Red finishes work on The Witcher 2: ASSASSINS OF KINGS. About the console ports (PS3, X360) still do not hear anything and it seems to me consistently that the CDP will begin to think about the ports until after the release of the PC version. If so...

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Xfanboy2771d ago

not even a day 1! second 1 buy!!!

ATiElite2771d ago

The Witcher 2...... I'm foaming at the mouth to play this.

Every video i have seen has showed a total commitment to quality as the game has gotten better and better every time the developer released some new info.

CrzyFooL2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Guy with Geralt of Rivia avatar is excited about The Withcer 2 - News at 11.

DEADEND2771d ago

I really hope this comes out on consoles.

NYC_Gamer2771d ago

the first one would have came to consoles but cheap ass atari went south with the funds..

mobijoker2771d ago

CD projekt red is a small dev.So,its a bit risky for them to release on consoles as rpgs like this which requires many hotkeys are not very popular in consoles.Even DAO was not that much popular on consoles.

DEADEND2771d ago

Hey what's with the disagrees.

ATiElite2771d ago

I Know how you feel (Disagrees)
It's the N4G disagree ghost. every post has to have a disagree if it has more than 2 agrees it's gonna get a disagree. It's the rule.

your post..I really hope this comes out on consoles. makes perfect sense as ALL PC gamers know The Witcher 2 is PC specific and that a console version would not harm the PC build plus The Witcher 2 is an awesome game that should be wanted by everybody.

So who in their right mind would disagree? PC gamer NO. PS3 gamer No 360 gamer NO. so it leaves the Disagree Ghost which is the only logical explanation.

The Witcher 2 is strictly a PC Exclusive but the developers have said they may release a console port after the PC version but so far no word yet.

hassi942770d ago

Actually ATiElite, some PC gamers (and some gamers in general) are douchebags and think that if they have a game exclusive to them it benefits them, it's just another argument to use in the platform wars.

WhiteNoise2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )


Some people are insecure.

Some genre's like FPS are gimped for multiplats ( linear by design for console resource reasons ) but RPGs don't suffer that same fate.

Fallout 3 sure as hell wasn't any smaller because it was on console too.

I mean just look how much fallout sucked on PC

Down with multiplats!!! /s

The Witcher 2 is going to be epic. Between Witcher 2 and DA2 there is no competition but ME3 will give tW2 a run for it's money.


They haven't been released yet...I think it's a bit too early for that kind of claim. We'll leave it to the console gamers to speculate on nothing but brand loyalty.

Kon2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

ME3>>>>>>Tw2 .

Simon_Brezhnev2771d ago

Kon you officially lost your mind The Witcher 1 is already better than ME1, ME2, and DAO.

morganfell2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

CDProjekt isn't Bethesda. Have you seen these guys doing their development on 15 and 17 inch screens? They aren't loaded with money and they do things on the cheap.

It would be nice for them to get an assload of money from some place so they can drastically increase the size and resources of the Dev team. But until that happens I like a great many people would prefer to see them concentrate on the single platform where they have proven they can build an unrivaled RPG.

I am not a PC elitist. Although I cut my gaming teeth on a Vic64 I am far from a PC rooster. My rep on this board as a PS3 supporter is well documented. I do not feel the PC is necessarily the superior platform. Had this game started on the PS3 I would have wanted it to remain on that platform alone until the aforementioned truckload of cash falls from the sky.

But in this case the game began on the PC and fans do not want any tampering with matters that could affect the quality. They have shown with The Witcher what they can do. And there is a difference between enhancing and ruining through expansion. Right now it seems CDProjekt have this nailed down so let sleeping dogs lie.

RedPawn2771d ago

See I heard the first was incredible, P.C people let me know.

DeathMetal14742771d ago

Very mature storyline and gritty. Your character kina blurs the lines between good and bad. Great game. Best RPG I've played.

ATiElite2771d ago

You need to play The Witcher Enhanced Edition it's the original Witcher but has all the fixes and enhanced graphics.

I'm not gonna lie the combat is meh at first but really picks up. The Witcher 2 looks to have fixed that.

pr0digyZA2770d ago

Even if you don't find the enhanced edition you can still download the free patch which adds in all the things that that one added, and trust me it is a lot.

It also shows they love their product, and there will be good support. And by patch I'm not talking just bug fixes the last patch added missions, the engine (which they will release later for this game, which means mods etc...), 5000 lines of dialogue rewritten and rerecorded, 200 new animations, better variety in characters etc... So that is a good patch if it was any other developer you'd probably have to pay for that.

Kamikaze1352771d ago

Amazing game...especially considering it's coming from a small development team out in Poland. It's even better than the games the bigger companies put out (even graphically). Buy it from Steam for $20. I'm definitely getting The Witcher 2 the day it's out on Steam :)

Hozi892771d ago

I want this! looks amazing!

spdarksky2771d ago

The first one really are incredible. It becomes much more incredible after they update the game to the Enhanced Edition. IMHO the gameplay is not suited for console, it more like a hardcore D&D RPG rather than streamline Dragon Age style RPG which controls is easy via Gamepad.

Dunno about the second one being streamline and easier to pickup and play. But if it sticks to the way it was played like the 1st game, i doubt it will come out on console. But i love the way it was played on the PC. I will surely buy this game day one.

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