TGS 2007 Lost Odyssey Developer Walkthrough -HD

Mr. Sakaguchi demonstrates Mist Walker's Lost Odyssey.

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Mu5afir3930d ago

The game looks decent, the gameplay is the same as any RPGs, but that isn't a bad thing. I don't know about the story, from what I saw it's not that interesting. Anyways, I will probably pick it up if no other good RPG drops soon.

BIadestarX3929d ago

Nice try to sound unbias... kind of late since we all know you are just another Sony lemming. "I will probably pick it up if no other good RPG drops soon." nice touch... lol..

[email protected]3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

Graphics look good no doubt about that. But, the gameplay look kinda boring I don't know... maybe cuz I'm more action oriented into RPG lately.

This game is the ONLY* possible reason for me to grab a Xbox360(or borrow one from my friends) since Eternal Sonata come to PS3 that possibility suffer a huge drop on me. Let's see if Lost Odyssey come to PS3 some day ^_^ joke xbox360 fans don't flame on me just for a joke. That's not gonna happen cuz M$ put some money over the dev process (maybe?).

beavis4play3929d ago

that was sleep inducing. isn't the point of a live demo is to get people excited about the game? i did like the part where it started to rain. the main character went off like a japanese donald duck

dylantalon3929d ago

haha, this game is boring. unlike the trailer since last year on the deadbox 360, this game seemed so awesome but now, it looks like crap. i guess another piece of garbage to go into the rubbish pan the dead box 360. you dead box fan boys are funny, halo 3 will not save you, and everything else looks like crap. check out lair, heavenly sword, haze, rachet, drakes fortune, folklore, ut3, killzone 2, mg24, white knight, the get away 3 and many others. ps3 killzOWNED the dead box 360. xbox gamer tag is dylantalon, my ps3 id is dylantalon.

sgaap3929d ago

This looks very boring to me. No wonder the Japanese are not fond of the xbox. When the character runs over the mountains, he looks like he's moonwalking! Very bad animations... And that turn-based fighting scene was also dull. Luckily there are a BIG load of good games coming to the 360 so we can forget this one.