SEGA Rally review: 9/10 - "As they say, It's a Buy. 15, 20 Hours and Can't Stop Playing it. "

From Eurogamer's review:

"It's an evocative term loaded with promise and suggestion, yet one that's long since lost its cutting edge relevance and magnetism since its heyday. All too often it's lazily bandied around to sell new console games by people who seem to have forgotten what it actually means. Sega hasn't."

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TriggerHappy3904d ago

This review has changed my opinion about the game been meh because of the graphics.. Definately going to check this out

xaphanze3904d ago

the graphics looks incredible afterall. Scored higher than Dirt!

xg-ei8ht3904d ago

I should get so many bubbles, so many knockers this game had a short while ago, and i said give it time, thats just a beta version, and even then, deformable terrain, and blistering speeds.

Well Done Sega!!

kn3904d ago

He actually chose gameplay over all else? Pshaw. He's biased! Get a rope!

neogeo3904d ago

I have always said this game will be great. then I got flamed!

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