Gamereactor: Bulletstorm Preview

It's been just under a year since Epic Games and People Can Fly announced Bulletstorm. The developers of Painkiller, using the latest in Unreal Engine and the benefiting from the talent, knowledge and leadership of the Gears of War makers. There is potential here and lots of it.

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jmac22132888d ago

This game looks awesome

El-Fenemeno12132888d ago

I've been checking this game out lately, I'm quite interested in it now. I just need to see if I can my cousin to get it, so it'd be the duo again 8-)

hiredhelp2887d ago

This is gonna be a secret hit. this my type of game pure kick ass.!!

Captain Tuttle2887d ago

Man, that article needs some editing. Terribly written.

I'm cautiously optimistic for this game.