Sony Hires Former Sega Marketing VP

Following the departure of Sony PR head Dave Karraker, the company has announced that former Sega marketing VP Scott Steinberg will be taking up the newly created role of its North American product marketing vice president.

Sony says Steinberg will report to its senior VP of marketing and the PlayStation Network, Peter Dille, and will be responsible for all PlayStation hardware, software and channel marketing on his October 1st start date.

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Premonition3716d ago

I hope hes ready to work hard this holiday season cause hopefully with him sony can really start moving some PS3 units.

secret3715d ago

Bad idea to hire anyone from Sega. i.e. Sega didn't really do a fantastic job, did they? Unless you assume that the one coming in learned his lessons at Sega or was being oppressed and had his ideas ignored by Sega. You don't want to bring Sega bad habits to Sony, a winning team.

I strongly urge Sony to hire someone from ---> NINTENDO...!!!!
Learn and hire from someone who is currently winning, not from somone who's lost???

ReBurn3715d ago

I don't think that it is fair to say that it is a bad idea to hire someone from Sega. This guy isn't the one that made the decisions that caused Sega to go into a downhill spiral.

If Sony sees enough in this guy to give him a chance then he must have what they are looking for.

champ4203715d ago

Uh didn't peter moore come from sega........

Relientk773716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

Sega is cool (im sad they stopped making systems)

Sega Genesis is awesome!

this guy should help Sony this season :)

Guitarded3715d ago

Yeah just like he helped Sega sell their systems. Good luck with that.

Ri0tSquad3715d ago

I was thinking the same thin....dreamcast. Its not really a touchy subject but the ps3 isn't doomed because hes on board.