PS3, Xbox 360 Rivalry Continues - Sony To Keep PSN Free

Sony's PlayStation 3 will follow Microsoft's Xbox 360 into the video market, but without the monthly fee, says The Money Times.

Sony Computer Entertainment America president and CEO Jack Tretton states he does not expect the PS3 to adopt the monthly fee imposed by its rival console on the Xbox Live service.

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felidae3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

competition is very good

some people act like there will be no more PS3s in 2 years because xbox 360 outsold the ps3 2:1

it's just plain stupid to think such kinda things

i own both system and bought a 360 on launch day, but i have to say that the games were not as good as the games the ps3 has in it's first year - so i really don't know why people think there's something bad about it

maybe the price is too high, but if they come down to 399 ... woah, a lot of my friends will immediately run out to get one, that's for sure

i tolerate people who like the 360 more - maybe they just like to shoot something

for me, as a long time gamer who grew up with ps1 and ps2, and amazing games like tekken, wipeout and metal gear solid, there's absolutely no reason to prefer the 360 because the games i like the most will come to the ps3 plus some amazing new ones, that go in the same direction of some of the games that came out on the ps2

it's stupid, to try to convince playstation fans, that they should buy a 360, because it's not the system they don't want - it's the games

if someone tells me he likes the 360 more, because he never liked games like mgs, god of war etc., then i would say: ok!

if someone tells me that he likes the 360 more, because it's better than the ps3, then i would say: no! because for me, the ps3 has more games i like

please, have fun with your favorite console, but let us playstation fans enjoy our system and games. furthermore i think, the ps3 is the system where you'll find the real "next-gen" games. Heavenly Sword and Motorstorm show that


maybe sometimes i'm a little bit harsh on people but that's just because they always say that 360 games are better - which, for them, might be the case

DrWan3899d ago

lol never liked GoW and MGS, well more than half of the time, they have never played it, u know why so many ppl are getting the PS2, i can't figure out who's buying them!! I think old Xbox and GC fans are buying it, bc the war of last gen ended and so many games they would like to try and they can now for a fraction of the price, so why not! that's my thought anyways. I think PS3 is great, i hope mistwalker will someday make games for PS3 but i know that's unlikily

lilwingman3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

I hardly ever post on here cause too many people are childish... but I just have to give you kudos on your comment. If more people thought like you the gaming world would be a much happier place.

Alvadr3899d ago

I cant believe there are people who think the PS3 will not be here in 2 years. They will be prooved very wrong indeed and they will be bashing the system and the games release after release until they get bored.

Even if the 360 continues to outsell the PS3 for the foreseeable future there is not even a remote chance Sony would pull out.

Leg-End3899d ago

thats y i have ps3.
i know there are a lot of good games on 360 but:
- i don't like halo
- i don't like ninja gaiden
- i'd rather play gt than forza
- never liked splinter cell
- the list goes on...

there aren't enough games that interest me on 360 for me to want to get one
i'm definetely not sayin that there are no good games, just that there aren't any that intertest ME.
i truly would rather play rachet than halo, cos i grew up around insomniac's spyro and rachet
and if they announce a new jak, i'll never look back

Rageaholic3899d ago

yup agreed, I still remember ppl were gloating as to how great perfect dark was and bejeweled on the arcade system. Very sad.

You would not believe how many xbox owners I know who use the argument it is too expensive, and they can't afford a video card for the pc. Understandable due to limited resources, but It just seems that the xbox is a poor man's pc. There are some games on the xbox that fit the trational feel of console games, but too many of their games lead back to the pc platform.

I own a decent pc rig and ps3, with this combination, IMO its not worth it to get a xbox.

xbox fanboys will gloat about their halo, but honeslty ive played alot of fps's since wolf3d and that 3d catacombs game, and halo only seems OK (IMO)

Though as for the ps3 I bought it primary for Blu-ray movies but I did not imagine I would already have 7 games on the system. IMO there are better games of the ps3 in the first year vs the xbox.

In conclusion, Im pretty sure more ps3 owners have a decent PC rig vs xbox owners.

MikeGdaGod3899d ago

i feel the exact same way.

i don't understand why people don't let others just enjoy their console of choice.

i bought a 360 only because it was the newest console out at the time. not because i like its games more than PS games. and as soon as the ps3 came out, i gave away my 360 and i flipped PS exclusive. not becaue i hate MS or the Xbox brand, simply because i like the PS games more and i don't have time to play both systems.

but at the same time, you'll never see me on a 360 post trying to down the system or trying to convince people to switch to PS. (although i will call them out on their bs)

i like PS game more. does that make me a PS fanboy? maybe, but i'm happy with my system. and thats whats impotant to me.

+bubbles for ya. you read my mind.

mphillip493899d ago

Thank you for being open minded. It disgusts me when I hear XBOX fans trash talk the PS3. The first question I always ask them is if they own a PS3 or when was the last time they played a PS3. I seem to almost always get the same answer. They don't own one, and they never have played one or it was when the system first came out. They get their news from XBOX sites!! I don't think you will hear great news about the PS3 on a XBOX fan site. I don't care if a person is a XBOX360 fan or a ps3 fan. It does bother me when XBOX fans have all of their news outdated. They don't do any research before they do their talking. Both systems have excellent games. I can honestly say that I am very happy with my PS3. I do not own a XBOX360 nor have I played one very much. I have played a few games on it that I thought were pretty good. I have also played some games that I was not too impressed with. Both systems have some benefits.

gerrard3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

The only game I liked on the 360 was dead rising but the rest of the games did not interest me, and the console nearly died on me so I got rid of it. I'm not bashing the console because undoubtedly has got some good games but not enough for my liking, I'm really a playstation gamer because it has a variety of games I want to play and looking forward to the future games, I know xbots will disagree with but hey thats me.

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Relientk773899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

keep it free Sony :)

QUNE3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

Bubble for you!

I don't own a PS3 yet but I'm for anything to save money....

snoop_dizzle3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

and be able to track your freinds alot easier, in game, invite people a lot better in game or lobbies, chat with other people outside of games etc, i would gladly pay for psn.

I love warhawk but my real only gripe with it is the buddy system. Unless im missing something when i was creating games.

aside from that, i don't have really any issues with psn.

hopefully those features do come in home, which is probably the case.
_____________________________ _______________________________ _________
in warhawk I couldn't seem to invite anyone. If i can please tell me how. It would be much appreciated.

felidae3899d ago

Warhawk is awesome

play it every night for hours

Mu5afir3899d ago

Darn noob, look under player invites from your XMB.

Alvadr3899d ago

Free- the way it should be!

cool66113899d ago

Great post by (idontcare) man u were right on target and a comment which made lot of sense ......... keep it up buddy u deserve to be on my psn so whats ur psn id dude ?

felidae3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

thanks man

check your inbox

Shake3898d ago

What,you sent him a gay message?

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