Bill Gates Cannot live by Windows alone

Today's anti-trust ruling against Microsoft could be symptomatic of a deeper malaise. Microsoft has invested billions of dollars in recent years in an effort to prop up its leading position in the computer world.
Yet the company still depends on its Windows operating system and its suite of Office applications for most of its income.

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PimpHandHappy3835d ago

he has done alot of good in this world! Be it building hospitals in Africa or giving millions in money to the needy ppl of the world. He will go down as a great man!

Shame MS uses dirty tactics on everything they do. They come out with vista but yet nothing works with it, i guess i need to change everything over to MS if i want to run it. I can go on and on about MS and how underhanded they are but i wont.

Bill Gates is a great man


Cat3835d ago

of all the good things you could argue bill gates has done, i would not count that foundation among them.

risk3835d ago

charity = tax credit.

donate 10 million dollars to charity, and u get a huge tax credit.

Kholinar3835d ago

Risk - the problem with that assumption is that they give away far more than their tax liability.

I dislike Bill as much as most, but he does do (what he sees as) some good that way.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3835d ago

Why don't you just close microsoft and get us rid of your tardness.

Stolen features from MAC OSX and Linux Redhat on Vista....and still doesn't work.

Stolen code from was your days as MAC Engineer?

Unfinished rushed product..

Linux and MAC work way better then Windows.

demolitionX3835d ago

i hope sony will have their own linux OS. If that happens, u can kiss MS goodbye.

risk3835d ago

would be better if Sony shipped with Ubuntu.

venum3835d ago

it's not easy for microsoft not to be in a monopolostic position. They learn what the word competition mean. they have to stop talking but act really hard.

FordGTGuy3835d ago

How do you think Microsoft became number 1? They've had to deal with competition and the government for a long time now.

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