Top 50 Highest Pre-Orders 2009-2010

gamrfeed: There are many different reasons why we pre-order videogames. One of the most common is bonus content, physical or digital, be it limited edition night vision goggles or even something as small as an alternate character outfit. It’s imperative you pre-order if you want a special/collector’s edition of a highly sought after game, or risk the chance of missing out. Then there are times when the standard edition (GTAIV springs to mind) is in short supply. Another good reason is double points for loyalty card holders; over time retailers recognize your history and send you bonus promotions and extra points. Lastly, whenever pre-ordering online, there is always the chance you’ll receive the game a day or two early.

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Loner2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Note my complete lack of suprise to seeing Halo Reach in the top spot

aviator1892893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )


anyways, congrats to all of the games on the list.

norman292893d ago

This is America only guys as its listed GT5 with only 280k preorders....

HarryMonogenis2893d ago

What is there to note off of? It's not like you've posted a picture of yourself with a I'm-not-surprised-face.

Kantor2893d ago

I'm not a huge fan of early pre-orders. They generally only reveal the bonuses (how I hate bonuses) a few weeks before.


At the first comment (Loner) u are so random :/

justinb12893d ago

stops reading.

zez2893d ago

agreed. Why isn't this site blocked yet? They've consistently fabricated numbers and have a clear bias, heck even the guy who started the site was a typical 360 fanboy on neoGAF who got banned for his trolling and sales bullcrap.

DoomeDx2893d ago

Because they are ESTIMATING the amount of pre-orders / sales.

no one ever said that they are a 100% accurate.

pollocks2893d ago

Or anywhere near when they consistently (even when official numbers are released) refuse to update their PS3 data

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