7 RPGs to Look For in 2011

Realm of Gaming's Mark Ainsworth tells of 7 RPGs to look for in 2011.

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toaster2889d ago

Witcher 2 will be great, the first is so much better than DA:O.

Perjoss2889d ago

I love Bioware, the Mass Effect series and Knights of the old Republic, a lot. But I thought that DA:O was kinda average, and i'm not someone that dislikes fantasy settings either.

Simon_Brezhnev2889d ago

DAO was average. The Witcher came out a year before DA0 and it was way better.

reynod2889d ago

Witcher 2 will easily be RPG of 2011.

thats_just_prime2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Mass Effect was turned into to a shooter. Unless ME3 going to be more like ME1 and not ME2. DA wasnt that great. Bioware really gone down hill since EA took over

I hope Star wars TOR is good

despair2889d ago

I don't consider Mass Effect to be RPG anymore, I mean from a technical point of view, it is action 3rd person shooter with minor RPG elements. Still a great game but Ratchet and Clank ACiT was more RPG than ME2 to be honest.

Perkel2889d ago

@ despair


Soryy but armor , statistics etc aren't RPG element. RPG is Role Playing, Choices and dialogs.

World of Warcraft is like Diablo II a hack and slash ...

meanwhile Mass efect, witcher and bg2 is a rpg.

despair2889d ago

yes RPG is role playing but there are many ways to interpret what is an RPG, hell if you wanted nearly every game can be considered an RPG. But for me it felt stripped, especially if you compare it to the first Mass Effect(which I thought was terrible mostly).

Sure it still had experience points and yes choices and consequences(some times) were there. But as an RPG fan and from what is normally considered and RPG it fell short. Why not just call it 3rd person shooter rather than RPG as thats what its closest to.

Oh and if you ever saw me post on N4G before you would know that I absolutely love ME2, sure there were problems but it was my GOTY choice. So its not from a dislike of the game I'm coming from.

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EVILDEAD3602889d ago

Amazing year for RPGs..

The Skyrim announcement alone had me jumping up and down and applauding what will be another amazing Elder Scrolles experience

Mass Effect 3 is obviously the no-brainer purchase of the year

Deus Ex is easily one of my most nticipated titles of this year

I love the fact that Dragon Age 2 is a completely new setting

Two Worlds 2 sounds like they nailed it this time around

All around..can't wait to explore these new worlds..although I'm still pressed to finish all of last year's RPGs in my collection

lelo2play2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Hummm... good list... but missing the most important ... Diablo 3.

Perkel2889d ago

both are hack and slash games not rpg :P

Mystickay862889d ago

Mass Effect 3 looking foward too the most. Square-Enix Fudged FFXIV so bad, they had to delay Deus Ex apparently to a possible 2012 release. Damn SE.

distorted_reality2889d ago

Last I heard was April-ish, hadn't heard about the possible 2012 change??? Will rage if true.

femshep2889d ago

yeah they said Fiscal year 2012
which starts normally around March/April

distorted_reality2889d ago

Are you meaning this -

as that's what I heard a while ago and couldn't find anything to the contrary.

femshep2889d ago

nope that is it what is suppose to be the new release
for some wired reason business and actual years are different if forgot why tho i didn't pay much attention in accounting class

maverick402889d ago

Missing so many rps's on this list it is not funny.

Rom8282889d ago

for a near release - Two Worlds 2 (can't wait to see the magic system in action).

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