The PSP2 Is Not Doomed

Arthur Kabrick of gamrFeed explains why gamers and analysts shouldn't be so quick to predict the failure of the next PlayStation Portable.

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NYC_Gamer2770d ago

the price/software will answer all questions

pedrami912770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

I really hope Sony beefs up the security on the PSP2.

Im really eager to see what games they got in stores aswell, i think they could benefit if they tried to make more "innovative" games and not just aim for graphics.

HarryMonogenis2770d ago

I totally agree with you on the security. Sony really needs to ensure that what happened with the PSP doesn't with the PSP2.

Kantor2770d ago

All consoles could really benefit from more innovation, but it's especially necessary with a behemoth of a competitor like the 3DS.

bmw692769d ago

Yeah I think security is a big change

Zinc2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

I agree, the thing isn't even out yet. Wait a year or two after it is released and see how things work themselves out.

R-L-A-George2770d ago

XD If had the money, I would get both. If that the actual look of PSP2 it looks, Sah-Weet!

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