Matrix fans queue all night to take the red HD DVD pill

Last week, Cnet mentioned that HMV Oxford Street was the place to go this morning if you were a Matrix fan and wanted to pick up a free HD DVD player -- the Toshiba HD-E1 -- with your purchase of the box set.
Cnet were expecting this to be a popular promotion, but they were blown away by exactly how many people were prepared to queue all night in a filthy alley just off Oxford Street in order to snag a free player. The queue was full at 5am, and then it was just a matter of the fans standing around for another 3 hours before they were able to part with their £60 and walk away with a big, high-definition grin on their faces.

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nasim3835d ago

That wont move HD DVD which is already a dead format in EUROPE and JAPAN.

Those people were paid by Toshiba to stand in line

This is the BD vs HD DVD sales in EU

xfrgtr3835d ago

the hddvd camp is so desperate that they give free players,HAHAHAHAHAHA

Evil0Angel3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

both sony and microsoft lose in each console they sell while N make profit in each console they sell,does that mean sony and microsoft are desparte?
the player they talkin about coast around 100-200$ to manfucature less than the lose MS or SONY make in each console they sell,,

than this is ofcure joint prmotion betweent TOSHIBA+WARNER BROS+HMV so toshiba will lose anywere between 30-60$ in each player...but this type of prmotion can shift the format war.

not all of these people in line want/believe in HD-DVD, some of them paid 60£ for the movie and get player that worth 150£ , they go to ebay and sell them .

shysun3835d ago

HD-Tv 2000$.....Matrix box set 80$ and the player cost what 500$ or so?That sounds desperate to me man.

scriptkiddie3835d ago

The Blu-ray camp is so desperate that they force people into blu-ray by putting a free blu-ray player into the PS3 HAHAHAHAHAHA

sticky doja3835d ago

I would call it great advertisement. They get on the web and possibly on tv with this deal, didn't have to pay anything other than the cost of the players and get alot of good PR for the event. Sounds like anything but desperate.

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ChibiSelz3835d ago

No wonder people queued up free HD-Dvd player with matrix nice bargain mate

power0919993835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

I guess this begs to question if the people are in line for the Matrix, or in line for the HD-DVD player?

Cool though. It's a hell of a deal.

IBLEEDBLU3835d ago

ur comparing buying a bravia which cost 3,500 to get a free PS3 to buying a 60 dvd and getting a free player?

are u retarded.

Samsung has a promotion u buy a 1080p 46" or higher TV and u get a bluray player free

sony is smart offering the PS3 that will hopefully get ppl to buy not only blurays but games

packages like these have been around for years and doesnt show that the company is desperate...but buying a dvd for a player thats abit on the desperate side...

thats like me buying a 60 game and getting my PS3 system for free.

if u havent been following sony wasnt the one paying out 150 million to paramount
and wasnt the one to reduce the price from 700 to 200 players within the first ear...

toshiba are just trying to get as many players out there for whatever reason - but soon enough bluray will win...u cant stop the monster which is the PS3.

the more ppl that buy it - the bigger the bluray movie camp grows - thats a fact

Daver3835d ago

I must agree with what you said

@Evil-Angel... your answer is not logical at all

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