BBC: Steve Ballmer talks Kinect, Windows 7 and Tablets

Speaking to BBC TV, Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer commented that the team did expect Kinect to be hacked for PC but not that quick. Ballmer was in good spirits about the hacking and noted that he and MS expected them to 'orhcestrate' any kind of hacking themselves in due course.

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NYC_Gamer2888d ago

many PC users are buying kinect just to try out new hacks

DualConsoleOwner2888d ago

it helped MS sell Kinect because hackers bought it for hacking.

AndrewRyan2888d ago

That's not many sales. How many hackers do you think bought it? Not many. Most people bought it because they are stupid consumers who spend with their eyes and not with their brains.

r1sh122888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

I think its quite obvious, MS had no intention of putting kinect to the PC market, but since they realised it had more applications because of the hacks they announced it for PC.

The windows 7 tablet thing, again is a similar story, its not focussed enough for a tablet/screen only system...Its not fully optimised, but windows 7.5/8 will be made to become more tablet 'friendly'.

MS have learned quickly and are preparing to adapt to this situation, Hate MS as much as you want but when they do get things wrong they are quickly trying to fix it.

Im not a big fan of the whole casual stuff, but its clear many people are, but the number of kinect hackers/mods are definitely less than the number of xbox users.
95% of kinects are likely to be bought for the xbox, not PC hacks.
The hackers/modders are a very small number of people

ATiElite2888d ago

Sorry I have to disagree. Microsoft does not learn from their mistakes quickly.

Windows phones were out way before iPhone but iPhone came out and DESTROYED M$ and in 4 iPhone versions since M$ has done ZERO but Android Blackberry and even Palm have given apple serious competition but not Windows phone 7.

While Windows fooled around with Netbooks (still haven't gotten that right in regards to a mobile OS) Apple went off and made a tablet OS. M$ still has yet to make a serious touch screen OS even though M$ has been in the tablet game since back when IBM made the very first one over 10 years before ipad.

Not trying to offend any console gamers but.... The Xbox had all the muscle to defeat the PS2 but a serious lack of dedication to exclusives allowed the PS2 to out sell and out live the Xbox. While the xbox is dead the PS2 is still selling 10,000 units a month at a PROFIT to Sony.

The 360 has seem to ditch Exclusives all together
Oh wait they do have Gears 3 Forza 4 and Gun Loco but Sony has about 20 Exclusives for 2011 and the console is in a position to sale another 5 years easy at a profit and has entered the China market while if the Kinect doesn't hold up M$ will have to make a Xbox 720 by 2012.

Windows 7 really did fix all the problems with Vista and is a wonderful product. So now M$ is jumping on this Windows 8 bandwagon. WTF? Most companies are still using Windows ME, 2000, and XP. M$ needs to get businesses to switch over to windows 7 first instead of rushing out another Windows like it's Call Of Duty.

Windows TV was a failure but Google TV looks to take over the industry and maybe take market share from cable companies. while most people still don't know Windows Tv even existed.

M$ sold a lot of Zunes but in the end the ipod and it's software and support killed it. Kinect is selling pretty good but if M$ doesn't make better software and start backing it with support then it will die off.

r1sh122888d ago

"MS have learned quickly and are preparing to adapt to THIS SITUATION"
only in this case, I never said they were always quick learners.

ComboBreaker2887d ago

"MS have learned quickly and are preparing to adapt to THIS SITUATION"

It's been almost a year after iPad came out and Microsoft still does not have a plan or strategy for tablets.

On the other hand, Google have been preparing its HoneyComb tablet OS for a while now, and it is about to be release soon.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is still undecided.

Microsoft: "We'll see if tablets catches on."

Quick learner? Microsoft is always late to the party, and end up doing inferior cheap imitations.

r1sh122887d ago

@combo breaker...
The RnD in that will be way too expensive, if they create an operating system which will run on all tablets they can make money from it with just software.

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Loner2888d ago

This the interview.It might not work for viewers outside UK and Ireland.Im not sure

FailOverHero2888d ago

SUE THEM!!! No wait, wrong company.

DelbertGrady2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Don't forget about the developers. The developers, Steve. Hey Steve! DEVELOPERS!!!

Xfanboy2888d ago

I can't wait for the tablet hype to blow over after everybody who buys it for gaming is disappointed!

Karum2888d ago

Yeah I have to say gaming is probably bottom of the list as to why I would want a tablet lol...can't imagine someone buying a tablet for the main use to be gaming....that's crazy to me but I bet someone will.

Personally I like the idea of a tablet to have a larger screen than on my phone that I could do some bedside browsing/e-book reading on.

My Android phone of course does those things well, I'd just like something with a larger screen that isn't my laptop.

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