Is The Mac App Store the Kick Apple needs?

RipTen: Apple computers are known for their ‘creative’ stuff, like iMovie, Final Cut, etc. Gaming has traditionally been quite lax on the platform. While a few games (such as Team Fortress 2) have made the leap, the vast majority are still exclusively available on the Windows platform. For many developers, Windows has been the only gaming platform for a long time, so why change now?

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aviator1892527d ago

Lol, I didn't know Apple needed a kick...

NYC_Gamer2527d ago

really doubt most mac owners care about using the machine for gaming

trevonn952527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

this app store isnt games only dumbass

aviator1892527d ago

wow, no need for name-calling...

NYC_Gamer2527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

who said it was?this article is talking about the gaming side of things.did you read it?or was quick to hit the reply button.

jaredhart2527d ago

It'll help them out but Apple is doing fine.

Ducky2527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

Kinda redundant if Steam is already there. (Although might not be that updated on the mac-side of things)

Just means more competition, which ultimately means better deals.

AndrewRyan2527d ago

Protip: Steam sucks on MAC.

Why don't you check the games available, not many.

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The story is too old to be commented.