Females of Retail: Tales from Video-Game Saleswomen

People have seen a growing amount of information about the rise of female gamers, but Bitmob explores a different aspect here -- women who sell video games. As you might imagine, the ladies who work for video game retailers face a lot of the same old problems they encountered in other professional work spaces. Read on to see what they had to say.

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ATiElite2768d ago

Nothing against female video game sales people but they just showed a picture of a "Worse Buy" sales person. I hate that store because the people there no ZERO.

Hey if a hot chick knows a ton about video games and electronics then hey I'm all for it.

ShadowJetX2768d ago

I've had those kinda encounters, but the worst I've had was when I went to best buy and some guy accused me of being a xbox fanboy. Even funnier is when he was talking to some people looking to buy a console he always referred to the PS3 being superior in every way to 360, which isn't always true. The guy knew his stuff, but when you say RDR on PS3 is better then 360, I just gotta wag my finger at that person.

FantasyStar2768d ago

Console War exists outside of the internet? Damn...

HolyOrangeCows2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

I overhead an employee tell someone that LBP2 was "probably" coming to the Xbox 360. LOL.

I always see the employees tell people that PS3 titles (Specifically Sony studio titles) are coming to the box 360. And once I heard one say that the 360 could play Blu-rays.

Yeah...uninformed employees is my experience of "Best" Buy also.
However, when they're THAT stupid, you begin to wonder if it's intentional...

ShadowJetX2767d ago

I'm wondering why I got disagrees for my comment here. Are there any best buy or future shop employees or something?

Katana Yamato2768d ago

What if the chick is not hot but knows stuff about video games? What then?

distorted_reality2768d ago

Then she might as well be a bloke, i.e not worth talking about.

ATiElite2768d ago

Ok if she is not hot but knows tons of stuff about video games plus has a lot of money and is willing to buy you all the hot new games then yeah she's OK.

eggbert2768d ago

From my experiences, the vast majority girls that work with video game retail that actually KNOW ANYTHING about games are either ugly or are self-described "scene".

I've also run into a few guys that don't know anything either, but the problem seems much more prevalent among female sales clerks.

ThanatosDMC2768d ago

Yup, or married all ready.

Dee_912768d ago

Kai Lee
super sexy and knows everything about Gran Turismo

Google her

ThanatosDMC2768d ago

I googled and only saw pics of a nasty looking ass female. Is that the one cuz i was hoping for a better pic.

Dee_912767d ago

guess ur not a ass man like myself

ThanatosDMC2767d ago

Smooth nice rounded ass yeah... i want my girls fit but not bone skinny either.

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Katana Yamato2768d ago

Yeah, since ugly girls can't be into gaming at all and only attractive people only should /sarcasm

Infernostew2768d ago

Make me a sandwich instead. jk.... but kinda not really :O

Katana Yamato2768d ago

That joke is not even funny should know better or be creative with sumthing new

xino2768d ago

stfu! the joke is not funny any more and it's fucking annoying everytime someone uses it!

-Ninja Gaiden 3-is sick!:)

Dee_912768d ago

the joke is hilarious and it will never get old
disregard what they said :)

dragon822768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

The joke is only funny if you are a 12 year old. Give it a rest already.

Dee_912767d ago

the joke is funny because its used alot
dont get mad at me because u dont have a sense of humor

palaeomerus2767d ago

Are you a sandwich-tard who has an underdeveloped cognitive ability to plan and build his own sandwiches?

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Theo11302768d ago

I feel so bad for them,just take this as evidence

lil boy blue2768d ago

responses were a little expected but a good write up none the less.

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