Screen Digest Predicts More Studios Will Go Neutral In The HD Format War

The latest research released today by media analysts Screen Digest (, examines the evolution of the high-definition video market. The research includes detailed forecasts to 2011 for consumer sales and revenues of both new video formats for W Europe and the US. Screen Digest believes that whilst Blu-ray Disc (BD) is selling more units than rival HD DVD at the moment, in the longer term both formats will establish a viable installed base, allowing them to co-exist for the foreseeable future. As a result, Screen Digest has calculated that those Hollywood studios that opt to support a single format only could be missing out on significant revenues, potentially eschewing over $270m of consumer spending in 2008 alone. Blu-ray-exclusive studios Sony, Fox and Disney could miss out on $175m in consumer spending by not publishing their films on HD DVD.

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Rooftrellen3811d ago

Sony has good reason to stay exclusive. The format war is easily worth a few billion dollars to them.

However, its foolish to believe Fox and Disney will stay exclusive without getting paid (and it is foolish to believe they haven't already been paid). $175 million isn't too much for bluray or HD DVD to pay, though, and when looking at that number, we have to keep in mind that it's consumer spending, not profit, which is lower than that for the studios.

Something tells me Warner is keeping a close eye on this, though. If they want to make a lot of money for going exclusive, they need to do so before any studio goes neutral, and I still think they're going back and forth between camps driving up the offers to them.

damnwrx3811d ago

No matter how you put it: The cost of producing HD-DVD and or Blu-ray will still cost you money so, just go EXCLUSIVE at one cost.

freediro3811d ago

Why do you think studios have gone exclusive, because they are either getting paid, which makes them more money then probably going nuetral, for now, or they want to support that format because they believe in it, or think its better. Studios want to say the won, not that they jsut sat back then decided, they want to be pioneers, help win something it gets them credibility and advantages in the future.

Trust me on this most inside sources say the Blu-ray corp. is going to now shell out cash to buy the exclsuvity or nuetrality from studios, because of the whole Paramount deal.

Plus look a WB they are nuetral makign a lot of cash, but they notice whats selling more, and right now its Blu-ray, they have announced more title for blu-ray.

Even indipendent studios are supporting blu-ray.

For right now Blu-Ray is winning, and in the next months especially after the holiday season we will have a clear picture of who the most dominant fromat is!

Shaka2K63811d ago

The only studios that will go neutral is universal and paramount in about 17 months now.
h-dvd is a flop studios cant keep supporting a dead format only.

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