Songs That Almost Made It Into Alan Wake

As you know, every time you complete a chapter in Alan Wake you’re treated to a cool little licensed song. However, some of the songs in the final game weren’t developer Remedy’s first choices, though they did end up fitting the bill.

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Loner2808d ago

Alan Wake soundtrack was awesome

AndrewE2808d ago

agreed sir, especially the ending track which basically are spoilers heh.

Kran2808d ago

Poets of the Fall.... Im now a fan of theirs just because of Alan Wake :D

Kran2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Why is the PS3 tagged...... :/


Should have known!

Tomarcus2808d ago

Misclicks NEVER happen, right? Being so quick to judgment shows a lack of rational thought. Regardless, it will be rectified.

Elven62808d ago

^^"Misclicks" do happen, that's why approvers need to watch out for this kind of stuff.

Mcardle2808d ago

Roy Orb's was my favourite chapter ending song. Even though I am a massive Bowie fan.

DenyTheFacts2808d ago

I totally fucking agree with you.
In dreamsssss wow that song is beautiful

Mcardle2808d ago

Yeah Inspired me to combine two things I love for my first video,

AKS2808d ago

In Dreams was heavily featured in David Lynch's Blue Velvet, the director/ writer also behind Twin Peaks, the inspiration for much of Alan Wake. Remedy is full of David Lynch fanboys. I recognize their obsession because I'm a Lynch fanatic myself. LOL.

DelbertGrady2808d ago

And it fits the mood of Alan Wake perfectly. It gave me goosebumps when I heard it in the game.

Ginbe2808d ago Show
unknownhero11232808d ago

this game was underratted. it's an awesome game!

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