Bitmob: Transforming D-Pad Controller Review

Is the transforming d-pad controller worth it? Yes, but only to those who consistently use the directional pad. Someone who primarily plays first person shooters or uses their Xbox 360 primarily for Netflix or purchasing movies off the Zune Marketplace may not see that this is as big of a game changer. For those who are addicted to the d-pad, this is essential in their every day gaming habits.

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Aarix2887d ago

May have a good d-pad but instead of the pretty green,red,blue and yellow buttons it has the ugly gray whites and other shades of gray

sickbird2887d ago

is there really a need to make a whole new controller?

ThanatosDMC2887d ago

It's really hard to try to become a PS3 controller.

thats_just_prime2887d ago

hey its hard to make a controller that poorly designed but $ony did it

JohnnyBadfinger2887d ago

The 360 controller is better than the Playstation controller.
How ever the Playstation fanbase is far bigger than that of the Xbox fanbase and once you become accustomed to 1 controller its hard to get use to another 1. PS controllers are something that if you have grown up with you dont notice how bad it is. But the 360 is a controller right from the get go you can get a feel for.

But still this d-pad isnt going to be as effective as the PS d-pad. The PS advantage is the separate buttons.

And yes the grey button are ugly as fuck

DongHungLong2887d ago

Thats nothing but opinion about the 360 being better than the PS3 controller. I prefer the Dual Shock design. I play both extensively and get far less frustrated with it over the 360 one.

OpenGL2887d ago

I wouldn't mind having one of these controllers but I don't want to spend $65 on it when I already have multiple working play and charge kits. Hell, these things shouldn't be more than $40.

jib2887d ago

get the razer onza. theres a 40$/50$ version, PC/360 compatible, has a very good d-pad & has extra functions. only problem i'd have with it is that its wired

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