The 13 Most Anticipated Horror Games of 2011

Dead Pixels rounds up the biggest and most anticipated horror games of the new year including some you'd expect as well as a few lesser known but equally as exciting titles.

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Dark_Overlord2809d ago

Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly Remake o_O Hell YES!!!!

Oh wait "Like the last game, Crimson Butterfly will be exclusive to the Wii "

If Nintendo pull the same bullshit as they did with Fatal Frame 4 I am gonna be sooooooooo pissed off >:(

LoaMcLoa2809d ago

Yeah, and you know what the worst part was? It never came to the US/EU!

hatchimatchi2809d ago

Fatal Frame 4 is awesome. It's a shame nintendo left it to die.

Dark_Overlord2809d ago

Thats the part I was on about :D

FACTUAL evidence2809d ago

Fatal frame makes people piss their pants...literally.

Megaton2809d ago

Quite a stretch to call some of these "horror games". Fatal Frame needs to GTFO the Wii and Japan-exclusivity.

HolyOrangeCows2809d ago

"Shooters with 'scary' pop-outs and insufficient lighting" is more like it.

fossilfern2809d ago

I hope FEAR 3 betters FEAR 2, FEAR 2 was a good game but nothing compared to FEAR 1 on PC

Led-Zeppelin2809d ago

Fear 3 looks horrible. Just watch the co op gameplay video of it, almost cried. It looks like a totally different game from previous titles.

fossilfern2809d ago

suppose your right. I just dunno how they have gone so down hill from FEAR 1. It was just an amazing game on PC the guns, the sound, graphics etc just about everything was amazing about that game but FEAR 2 was nothing compared to FEAR1. It was just watered down IMO

Kon2809d ago

I don't know if is just me but i piss myself when playing games life Fatal Frame.
One day i was playing this in my cousin's house at 1AM, then a spirit appeared and i screamed and the whole neighborhood appeared in front of the house thinking that someone was murdered.

VenomProject2809d ago

I lol'd hard when I saw the Resident Evil game, RE isn't scary anymore. :)

Not even close to be quite honest.

NeutralGamer2809d ago

Yeah :D RE:4 had a bit of scaryness for me, but RE 5 had none left -.-

Its so non-scary that I would dare to play it alone in a dark forest at night...

Re 1,2 and 3 alone in a dark forest? Heck I dont even dare to play them when I'm alone in the living room...

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The story is too old to be commented.