Little Big Planet 2 - Review

Little Big Planet was not a perfect game.But it was a new Platform. And weird. Unpublished.Media Molecule's masterpiece had the courage to show the beauty of craftsmanship of smiths, and the sweet poetry of independent productions, all based on the exaltation of artistic creativity and a particular sector. Little Big Planet was a poor title: set up with a persuasive narrative voice, the sack, and a couple of cardboard boxes.

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R_aVe_N2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

I am really tired of reading reviews on this one. I just want to play it 8(. This is a good review though lol. Just can't wait to really play this gem.

trainsinrdr2888d ago

maybe in the future there will be a game like a 1st or 3rd person shooter where you can actually create your own games

NegativeCreepWA2888d ago

Thats what I'm hoping for a 3d version of LBP, to make games like Mario 64. Imagine all the same tools but in a 3d world.

Lirky2888d ago

creating your own games thats called : being apart of a gaming developer team/staff.

GodofSackboy2888d ago

Honestly, what the fudge, he just called my second favourite game ever, Littlebigplanet 1, a "poor title". I can't really express this in words, but that angers and depresses me. May this site burn. BURN. IT WAS A SHOCKINGLY BRILLIANT GAME!!! It is actually underrated, it has the highest replay value of ANY game ever!! How could he say that!! And why is it only a 9!! It's a perfect game FFS!!