More Servers Coming to DC Universe Online to Meet the Demands in EU

With the release of DC Universe Online in the European territories, Sony Online Entertainment is pleased to announce today that they will be adding more servers to meet the demands for European players who just got the game this week.

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admiralvic2500d ago

I think im going to pick this game up today.

ghostface2500d ago

Same thing I was thinking.

zootang2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Its sold out everywhere in the UK apart from GAME, HMV and Gamestation. I have been struggling to get hold of a copy.

Spitfire_Riggz2500d ago


Dang didnt know it was that popular. Proved me wrong

Killzoned2500d ago

lol wtf Zootang?

GAME, HMV, Gamestation should be the most popular place to get he game as they are the main place to get games.

Its kind of funny because you say its sold out everywhere apart from GAME, HMV and Gamestation haha

zootang2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Well what Argos, Blockbuster and all the supermarkets? They not important?

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New-Breed2500d ago

hopefully the US gets the same treatment. Some servers log me out within 5 minutes. Took me 3 different tries on different servers to make my first character.

MightyMark4272500d ago

That's most likely going to happen. I'm sooo addicted to the game now :(

ReaperXL72500d ago

They already added two more pvp servers earlier this week I'm sure well get more pve servers soon aswell because fore the past few nights all the ps3 servers were on high population or full. As a huge fan of both rpgs and dc comics this game is a dream come true. I love it

dragonyght2500d ago

all traffic on us are high i'm guessing they doing pretty good

dragonyght2500d ago

all traffic on US sever are high i'm guessing they doing pretty good

Jdoki2500d ago

Good news. Nothing worse than a game releasing with 100's of servers, only to have to merge them shortly after launch.

Prefer SOE having just enough servers to meet demand. Keeps costs down, and that's subscription money that can be pumped in to new content rather than wasted network infrastructure.

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