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Persona 5: What We Want To See

Here are some changes GameZone's Ben PerLee hopes to see when Atlus takes Persona to number 5. (Persona 5, PS3)

RogueCheddar  +   1686d ago
Persona 5 already? I still need to finish 3 and then play 4.
NeoBasch  +   1686d ago
What?!? Get on it! Persona 3 and 4 are two of my favorite games. All I want is an announcement. They can do whatever the hell they want, just give me more Persona/SMT.

There's only been one sour apple in the series thus far, and, even then, the story is still far better than just about every game released these days: Raidou vs. The Soulless Army.
FinalSpartan  +   1686d ago
I don't know why people like this game...i was playing it on my psp ( first persona i played ) to see what the fuss was about. I played a large amount of RPG titles, i give one thing yes its unique. The world map just moving a cursor around, dating sim? fighting system ok but largely takes place in a tower thats identical each level...

don't you go ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE GAME? please tell me yes? If its all about climbing that tower and dating sim outside. this game not my thing.
xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   1686d ago
i can understand that.i was just like you when it came to persona 3.but i gave it a try and fell in luv with it.it's challenging(hard as hell lol) with a will drawn out story.

the characters/character development is some of the best in any jrpg i've played.and the style of the persona series is pure win.

the level design does leaves much to be desired (the only criticism that can be leveled at an otherwise outstanding jrpg).

but the challenge, the wealth of strategy, great characters and character development and a style thats never been done in a rpg.more then makes up for it.
SnakeMustDie  +   1686d ago
P3P was downgraded compared to the PS2 version. You can free-roam in the PS2 version and its quite similar to Mass Effect 2.
Tuxedo_Mask  +   1686d ago
If you have a PS2 or a BC PS3 try Persona 4. It should be pretty cheap now and it improved the repetitive level design and pretty much upgraded everything about Persona 3. While 3 may have its faults, I like it just as much as 4 if not a little more due to its darker tone and the fact that, other than in P3P, you can't control your teammates. That always made me have to think more about who I took for my team than I did in P4.
Christopher  +   1686d ago
I want to see it on the PS3/360, personally.

@eggbert: My point was that it should be in HD and I don't want to seem as if I support just one or the other. If PS5 came out just for the 360 in the U.S., I'd buy it there. If it came out on both, I'd buy it on the PS3 just because it's my main console.
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eggbert  +   1686d ago
it'd be kind of dumb on the 360 though. The main market is japan, and 360 games don't sell too well in japan.
NeoBasch  +   1686d ago
Catherine's on the 360. We'll see about that. Honestly, why does it matter anyways? SMT has never been known for it's graphics (though HD would be nice).
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Neckbear  +   1686d ago
Persona 2 meets Persona 4.

That's honestly all I want.
Ponurasky  +   1686d ago
I would kill such thing with fire.

Never ever combine such wonderful game like P2 with something so retarded as P4. PS2's Persona games sucks.
Kon  +   1686d ago
PSjesus  +   1686d ago
ATLUS the master of jRPG and honestly they don't need any body's advice.
Just a good publicity for their products,and a PS3 exclusivity
Persona 5 will not fit in one DVD.
Tru_Ray  +   1686d ago
Agreed. Looks like gamezone wants to design the damn game themselves. Personally, I loved Persona 4. It had a great story, believable characters, and relationships that actually seemed to mean something. This is a series that has a lot of potential.

I trust that these talented developers will continue to evolve the franchise.
j-blaze  +   1686d ago
oh yess !

ok, i want it to be set in a real japanese city, a darker game, some Persona 3 and 4 cameos or Catherine :3, more social links, more anime cutscenes, scripted and inspired events and a section to view these events after completing the game .

plus umm perhaps they should go for more of a FFX style switching characters mid-battle or something, hate to choose between teammates for which ones I was going to take in a dungeon, leaving the others behind in level and eventually abandoning them.
LordStig  +   1686d ago
choose a male or female protagonist.
some lite character customization.
out of the high school setting. (university maybe)
no penis monster persona that thing was nasty.
equip multiple persona instead of just one.
able to summon the four hoursemen again.
LordStig  +   1686d ago
on my point of customization not so much looks but personality, for example is your character athletic or intelligent and it can effect the way you fight. As for personas make objects like the parasites in nocturne or DDS that you can use in the world to help level up your acidemic, social or relationship skills but give them negative effects if you use them too much.

(just brainstorming ideas i highly doubt any of the atlus crew are looking at this and thinking yea that'll be a good idea let's use it)
LordLaguz  +   1686d ago
multiple endings
SnakeMustDie  +   1686d ago
P4 already had those so P5 having multiple endings is a no brainer
KingItachi  +   1686d ago
The battle system is fine it dies not need changing I'm tired of people bitching about old school battle systems.
@ Lord the endings are fine a good and bad one.
Tru_Ray  +   1686d ago
I thought the ending was great.

*******SPOILER ALERT***************

The first time was merciful with the killer. Then I replayed the last chapter and decided to make my own moral judgment upon the culprit.

I was actually sad to say goodbye to the characters at the end. One of the rare instances were I made an emotional connection with the characters in a video game.

Jack-Pyro  +   1686d ago
Persona is easily my favorite JRPG series ever (though Valkyria Chronicles come's a close second) and if I don't get a new iteration of it within the next two years, I will be a sad panda.

One of the things I'd like to see is a more diverse cast, sorta like what they had in P4.
Tuxedo_Mask  +   1686d ago
This was announced as being already in production so the question isn't when they'll get to work on it, but rather when it will come out. The interview announcing it was from a magazine in Japan called Dengeki PlayStation.

As for the ideas presented, the only thing I would disagree with in the article is changing the battle system. There are already too many RPGs that have left turn based for real time and having the traditional turn based battles is refreshing to me. If you want a real time RPG there are already plenty available, hopefully Persona 5 sticks to turn based battles.

The other ideas are pretty good, but knowing Atlus we'll probably get something we won't even expect, but will like anyway. After the moon phases of 3 I don't think anyone expected the weather to be the focus of the story in 4 so I'm sure 5 will throw out something different too while improving upon other aspects of the game.


Ponurasky  +   1686d ago
I want Persona to return to it's style form P2IS&EP. More mix of Lynch-like paqranoic triller and bizzare humor rather than pop-ish anime comedy for young teenagers. I find P3&4 to be a slap in the face for old fans as they throw away the whole world and mythology of PSX Personas. I want my old Valvet Room & Philemon back.

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