UMD a waste of time and money, says Perry

The UMD is a dead format that's a waste of money, time, and investment according to David Perry.

Speaking to, the Shiny founder and operator of revealed what he would do if he were in charge of PlayStation Portable development.

"They really need to restart the PSP programme in my book. They really need to bring out the PSP 3.0 and start again and try to get a lot of units out by reducing the manufacturing costs, by taking out all the motors and drives and stuff they have in there."

"That will make it even more sexy-looking, because it will be thinner again when they get all that junk out. Then, hopefully, the platform will actually get enough interest so that people will make a game specifically for it," Perry said.

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DiLeCtioN3744d ago

that means every psp game is a waste of sure most people with a psp bought a gta game,now was that a waste of money...hmm.

emaddox843744d ago

I've said this before, but I don't understand why people dislike UMD discs. They have the ability to hold alot of data, are cheaper to manufacture than memory catridges, and are as durable b/c of the outer casing. I don't see much use of them outside the PSP (like movies) but for a hand held they are perfect. As dbzboy said, Grand Theft Auto on a hand held is awesome in my opinion. I doubt they could economically fit such big games on cartridges. Think about it this way, Nintendo changes cartridge specs with every hand held it releases, do they get criticized for using "dead" formats?

VaeVictus3744d ago

How many PSP's have been sold? I'm not sure why people are saying it's unpopular. Just b/c it doesn't sell like the DS doesn't mean it isn't selling well. This guy is an idiot.

I think it's still outselling all next gen systems combined. That isn't terrible by any means.

MikeGdaGod3744d ago

i've never bought a UMD for movies (my girlfriend has) but i think its great for gaming. i think sony such put all its focus in UMDs for gaming and concentrate on downloads for movies.

EZCheez3744d ago

It's like saying the DS cartridge is a dead format other than for DS owners.

Granted, the movie thing never worked out, but there are still A LOT of PSP owners out there.

nasim3744d ago

rather than bashing x360 for coming equipped with an OLD GEN dvd player....a viral marketer has to bash PSP !!!!!

r10003744d ago

Bubble for you, a very good point....

sajj3163744d ago

With PSP2, what's the format going to be? UMD again? I think a big seller for handhelds is the ability to play older games. So for PSP2, it'll need to play PSP games. This basically guarantees that the format for PSP2 is going to be UMD. I think that Sony will in the long term phase out of format distribution and go to e-distribution. It does need to setup the framework for this and that's where the Playstation network comes in.

aiphanes3744d ago

But its probably going to have a lot of flash memory with a 8 CM bluray drive...they are using the small bluray drives in the new camcorders.

32 Megs of flash memory and a 8 cm bluray drive...and a cell processor in the PSP2 with a touch screen and some kind of force feedback (touch sense) and maybe even motion sensing and HDMI 1.3 out....Now this is asking a lot but there is still like 2 more years before a PSP2 comes out....all this tech will be much cheaper by then....But they got to sale it for less than $200...

ArduousAndy3744d ago

What could end up happing is that the PSP2 could have a download feature where you can download games from PSN.

UMD is a waste of money as far as movies are concerned since its just not worth it.

You can buy a dvd with extra features for cheaper (sometimes same price) as a UMD and pick up a cheap portable dvd player for less then the price of the PSP. I know the PSP can play games but thats not what im talking about here.

MikeGdaGod3744d ago

"32 Megs of flash memory and a 8 cm bluray drive...and a cell processor in the PSP2 with a touch screen and some kind of force feedback (touch sense) and maybe even motion sensing and HDMI 1.3 out"

i'd love one of those! where do i sign up?!?!

Ju3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

@aiphanes I like your idea of a PSP2. A low profile cell would be cool, HDMI1.3 is most likely overkill (I doubt, it will ever render 1080p). They had the embedded 4spu-cell somewhere on the road map. I am curious if they could build such a cpu with a low heat dissipation to fit into a handheld. OTHO, it would be fast enough to save a gfx chip. Could have a 800x450 wide screen resolution (which is huge for a handheld). The mini BD makes sence, to. But if that's required is another story, even in that case the UMD would be just fine. Would only makes sence if they could produce them cheaper thru synergies in the cam corder industry. I'd up the mem a bit, though. 64MB (is already in the slim PSP) or more (closer to 128/256 IMO). The cool thing with a cell based PSP would probably be, that it could be easy to port PS3 content to the PSP (and vice versa) and keep a similar tool chain. Oh, and they should add a blue tooth and a phone to it (incl. head set) - good by iphone.

Back to reality. I don't know if a PSP2 will make sense anytime soon, it wouldn't really add anything to the game play, IMO.

The UMD is just fine. Why is everybody trying to bash it ? Video, yeah, that's a failure. But who cares. As long as it's cheap. Now, with the video out, maybe UMD video might get a boost, but if not, you still have the games. I do not see, how a SD (or whatever) ROM media could be cheaper then a disk. Maybe sometimes. Sure, it would have way faster load times. That's the only thing which would be nice. But not for twice the cost of a game, IMO. How big are the DS cartridges ?

REbirth3744d ago

the next psp will come with blu-MD

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aiphanes3744d ago

Total digital distribution of games is not there yet. Sony is still the first with warhawk....and they will probably do it with some future PSP games...but people still want to go and buy their game at the store. They still want to go and get their DVD or bluray or HD-DVD at the store. You can not download a 50 GB bluray movie...and all those HD movies on Xbox live are only 720P or less....and you are only renting.....for a few days...people want to own their content. Why am I going to spend $4 to download a movie that I can only see once? I would rather pay $15 for the bluray or HD-DVD or even DVD version and see it am much as i can.

Warhawk worked because it was an 800 Meg download...and it is a totally awesome game. Can you even think about downloading Halo 3 to your Xbox 360?

What the PSP needs is 32 gigs of flash memory and a touch screen like the IPOD touch...and Sony needs to hook up with apple and use Itunes on the PS3 and PSP.

Apple and Sony together would be an awesome force against microsoft.

Apple is a bluray member too...

Pekka3744d ago

On PC side there have been digital distribution of games for years allready. And I really talk about full games, not about demos. I bought and downloaded Sam & Max season I through internet several moths ago legally. Well, the episodes weren't big, only around 50-60 MB per episode (total size around 300 MB), but still... Actually Telltale Games as a company makes almost all of its money from digital distribution of games and sequel for Sam & Max is coming soon too. And Steam has several downloadable full games too. And some of the downloads on Steam are even bigger than Warhawk. Also almost all of the MMORPG:s are downloadable from internet although some of them are huge (several gigabytes).

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