THQ EVP Believes Homefront Will Sell More Than WWE

In the second part of GameZone's sit-down conversation with THQ Core Game Executive Vice President Danny Bilson, we dig deep to find out how much stock THQ is putting into the Homefront intellectual property—a lot!—and what they are doing to merchandise the potential franchise.

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Urmomlol2889d ago

Very, very, very unlikely given the over saturation of FPS' on the market.

WWE, hate it or love it, has both niche and mainstream appeal.

Homefront will be lucky if it doesn't get completely overshadowed like Front Lines.

thorstein2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

I hope they market this game well. I can't wait for it. It looks amazing. I think it could be the next COD, but without the bugs and glitches.... lulz.

BX812889d ago

I have to disagree! I think black ops let a lot of people down and gamers are going to look for Homefront, crisis 2 and KZ3 in the early months. For my group of gamers it's talked about more than Crisis 2 and KZ3. It doesn't look as good graphically but the game play looks fun.

ThanatosDMC2889d ago

I wouldnt be surprised if they add a zombie mod. I mean, there's a single player which means there's all ready bot AI.

DeadlyFire2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Over saturated or not. Homefront has easy ability to swipe 1-2 million copies sold. Just has to land and keep its feet moving. Not a bad game at all from the looks of things if it all runs smoothly then THQ has found a great new IP.

SVR 2011 sales I don't believe will hit 2 Million. Although I do believe its a stronger title than last couple of years. I am interesting in buying Homefront. Homefront is basically in the Battlefield genre. A genre few have ever entered. Last Battlefield game sold over 5 million copies. Homefront easily has the potential to seel 3 Million copies. Just depends on how good the game will be.

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tony67672889d ago

haha lool first of all homefront looks gay 2nd its a fps hate or love wwe it will sale more


and grown sweaty men wearing nothing but speedos arnt gay?

tony67672889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

yes its gay too, but i may think in my opinion homefront is gayer its more like a call of duty:battlefield with a MAG mixed


you need to know the meaning of gay my friend

tony67672888d ago

the meaning of gay is you with homefront u piece of shit

NYC_Gamer2889d ago

this game might not even pass the 500k mark

MidnytRain2889d ago

While I am giving this game a chance, as everyone should do with any game, I do agree that it's very likely that this game may be skipped by many gamers in favor of something more "sure" and hyped.

PR_FROM_OHIO2889d ago

This game will flop trust me!!! To many FPS coming in '11 especially on PS3.

Zydake2889d ago

I saw this on a comercial and thought wth another CoD? but then it should the posters of china in gameplay. So i assumed it wasn't CoD.

The point I'm trying to say is the FPS genre is dominated by CoD sadly so there's no way in hell this can beat CoD. Hell did Halo beat CoD?

Darkfiber2889d ago

Maybe I have to be American to get any interest out of this game. I couldn't care less. To me it's just another boring war FPS like Call of Duty 28 or Medal of Honor 32 or whatever the hell they are up to now.

MidnytRain2889d ago

You clicked on an article and commented on a game you have no interest in...

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