The State of Blizzard's Union: Pearce, Sigaty Talk Warcraft, Starcraft, and Beyond

Gamasutra was fortunate to catch up with Senior Vice President Frank Pearce, one of the three founders of the original Blizzard (then called Silicon & Synapse) in 1991.

In the interview they are talking about the need for World of Warcraft II, the competition (Warhammer Online, Age of Conan) of WoW, handheld or portable version of the franchise, what will happen with Starcraft 1 when Starcraft 2 comes out, what's Team 3 working on, and more.

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Relientk773930d ago

so they got an interview with Blizzard... and did not ask if they have plans for a Diablo 3 ...

gee thanx

TnS3929d ago

They asked it indirectly:

Gamasutra: Team 3? What’s Team 3 working on?
FP: Team 3 is working on something really awesome.
FP: I will totally tell you, it's really awesome.
Gamasutra: Can you give me any hints about it?
FP: Nope, can’t give you any hints.

RelloC3929d ago

every interview since 2002 has asked about diablo, and they have dodged it everytime. i have all but given up hope at this point.

Genki3929d ago

and if it does get made, it can't be called Diablo, that's for sure. I think the experience will be too different without Diablo, and if he does get resurrected, it will be kinda cheesy...

Tyrael3929d ago

You wouldnt believe the number of theories and storyline setups that die hard Diablo fans have come up with. The last game finished with the destruction of the worldstone, which set off a merger between hell and sanctuary, so there is plenty of storyline left. Don't forget that Azmodan and Belial are not dead yet, if you even recognize those names. Basically I think Blizzard would be robbing themselves of millions of dollars if they didnt create Diablo 3. Part of me wants to believe they are keeping it a good secret much like they did with Starcraft 2...

Genki3929d ago

I was a Diablo head for YEARS, but II left a sour taste in my mouth after a while, especially after

It just seemed that I was doing the same thing after a bit...which was level grinding and treasure hunting. Once you get to 99, all it is is treasure hunting, but by that time, NOTHING stands a chance to go toe-to-toe with you, so it's pointless.

I'm sure it will come out in some way, shape or form, but what I'm saying is that it needs that big bad protagonist from the past couple iterations. Diablo himself had an attitude that Baal and especially Mephisto just couldn't match. Most of that team left to form Flagship Studios anyway, right?

Tyrael3929d ago

We just get so addicted playing that character till we get everything, and with the open ended storyline I would feel robbed if the third one didn't come out. You're right though, bringing Diablo back would be kinda cheesy unless they figured out a creative way to do so...