PS3 Hack: Can this Spell Doom for Sony?

Gamersmint writes: The console which was thought to be indissoluble has revealed its Achilles heel. With the release of the Metldr key, the PS3’s security is in tatters.

Sony has only to pint their fingers at themselves, as they failed to encrypt the PS3’s root key which is an elementary and mandatory procedure for any hardware manufacturer. The notion of Sony overlooking such a critical flaw leaves us as well as the hackers baffled.

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Karooo2772d ago

they need to fix the hack asap

Loner2772d ago

There is no fix so get used to it

shoddy2772d ago

hacker is a minority. Not everyone is a computer nerd or well inform of tech news.

majority still buy legit.

young juice2772d ago


this song again

JsonHenry2772d ago

It didn't hurt the PS2, did it?

xino2772d ago

nor Xbox 360 which outsold PS3 AKA the Beast.

cheaters online?
shut up, quit the game and load another game!

-Ninja Gaiden 3-is sick man!:)

Kewl_Kat2771d ago

The ps2 was the dominant console in it generation. Just like the wii today, the ps2 was selling so much that piracy never became an issue. The ps3 right now is profiting but isn't holding the top spot. It's in a much more vulnerable situation than the ps2.

Rage_S902772d ago

loooooooooool ps3 is teh doomzzzz article i called it

wdeath2772d ago

I mean seriously, it's too early to come to any conclusions, let's see how Sony handles this whole situation first and only then we can access the damage done

GSpartan7772772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

"The widespread hacking increased the sales of the two consoles by nearly tenfold in countries outside NA and Europe, mostly aided by to fact that about 90% of the last gen consoles have never been connected online."

I don't see how you can say this when the PS and PS2 were ultimately the better consoles of their time. They might not have been the most powerful hardware wise but they had a much larger library of games and were sold at good price. It sales had nothing to do with hacking.

The same as people saying that the Kinect is selling well because its an open device you can hack when people simply underestimate the amount of casual gamers.

cyborg2772d ago

which you can ignore, the article is in no way saying that the PS and PS2 were inferior consoles. It's just stating that the availability of modchips boosted the sales of the console by a huge margin in countries outside of those reasons. This is true and there's no denying it, also it states that the rampant piracy is the result of the consoles not being connected to the net which again is valid.

They are just stating what is true and is in no way saying that the PS2 sucked and hence people bought it after it being hacked. It's just that, even those who didn't plan to buy it if they had to pay for games bought it and during those times, that section comprised a hell of a lot of time.

Not that now it doesn't but then, it was even more significant.

psb2772d ago

it'll spell doom or such for Sony but yeah it'll be a nuisance for sure. However, with their stellar services and upcoming line-up of games, I don't see them tripping over themselves due to this.

plb2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Doom? Hardly, it's just joining the ranks of other hacked consoles. PS2 did pretty well as did countless others. Piracy sucks but it's more or less unavoidable and it affects more than just gaming community.

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The story is too old to be commented.