Microsoft Offers Free ITV and Slingbox-killer

Users with Media Center PCs just got two free gifts from Microsoft. The company is now offering free Internet-based TV content (ad supported) through the platform. TV reruns and sporting events come to mind. Also, Microsoft recently acquired WebGuide, which makes Slingbox-like technology for Media Center users. From any Web browser in the world (cellphones included), consumers can access their recorded TV shows, music, photos and other content stored on their Media Center PCs. They can also record shows remotely for later viewing.

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Greysturm3871d ago

Interesting, id love to see how the established competition responds. Its a shame media center pcs arent as common and this service will probbly be underused.

The are probably trying out interfaces and extra tricks for their iptv sevice rumored to come later this year.

fjtorres3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

The ITV offering in the article is not at all related to the Mediaroom IPTV effort. They have nothing in common.
Mediaroom is a back-end product MS sells to Cablecos and Telcos (AT&T, Verizon, etc) that want to offer full cable tv services over broadband. Among several choices, it will allow using a 360 as the customer STB. MS, however, doesn't provide the IPTV, they merely provide the tools for it.
The ITV product here, however, is an MS-provided "broadcast" channel with on-demand content delivered for free (with ads) to Media Center PCs. The key question being what kind of content and at what video quality.
Two different products aimed at two different cutomer bases.
The only thing they have in common is that you can watch both via a 360. ;-)

BrotherSic3871d ago

if anyone can find out more information about iTV then please let me know as my media center has not got the new feature yet.

PS360PCROCKS3871d ago

sweet I wanna check this out and this is why I payed more for a Media center capable PC.

G_CodeMonkey3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

From TFA: "The other new feature, called WebGuide, is a third-party application that does what Slingbox does, and a whole lot more. Like Slingbox, it is a time-shifting, place-shifting TV viewing solution, but it also lets users schedule TV recordings, access music collections, and in short do pretty much everything you can do with a Media Center … via any Web browser, whether inside the home or from a hotel room halfway around the world."

I didn't see anything on it in the article, but there's also other programs that will stream what's on your media center PC to your 360. For example, I use uSirius to stream my Sirius satellite (via internet) to my 360 while playing on-line (without a noticed lag). Yeah, its sweet to play Gears and hear my music or Howard Stern at the same time. This would also benefit Wii/PS3/DS/PSP as they have browsers, so all should be pleased. gCM

g4n3871d ago

it only allows you to watch recorded shows... i watch LIVE TV on my motoq via sling box all the time. really helps when the games starts before you get home =)

nstott3871d ago

Webguide does live tv also.