E4G: Angry Birds for Mac Review

E4G: The Mac isn't really known to be a gaming computer but it appears that maybe the Mac App Store could be bringing gaming to the Mac. I don't see the Mac ever reaching the level of gaming that Windows is but... that isn't here nor there. Let's get to the review.

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CovertGunman2892d ago

Gotta love Angry Birds. :D

shepowy2892d ago

Is there any platform that is safe from those Angry Birds?

dkblackhawk502892d ago

Lets see...

android: check
i products: check
Ps3: check
PSP: Check
PC: check
360: blank

Not yet :P

JamieChadwick2892d ago

I havent played it, might have to pick this up :D

PS360PCROCKS2892d ago

i got it on my macbook for $5 its fun on a big screen!!

El_Colombiano2892d ago

I wonder how Apple's propriety app delivery service will affect third party releases.

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