All Age Gaming: DC Universe Online Playstation 3 Review

Tyler Chancey from AAG writes: "DC Universe Online can best be summarized as the console equivalent of World of Warcraft. You create a character, level up, there’s a monthly subscription fee, and you can easily forget to eat supper if you’re not careful. What separates this massive DC comic inspired game from WOW, however, is it was advertised not as an MMORPG but an MMOAG (Massive Multiplayer Online Action Game). But is this project just another WOW clone in tights, or is true to the hype?"

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Urmomlol2890d ago

You can always trust the credibility and quality of a publication when they...

1.) Review a FREAKING MMO only a week into its life. MMO's span for months if not years --reviewing it after only a week is like only playing a quarter of the game.

2.) Doesn't realize that World of Warcraft is abbreviated to WoW not WOW.

ThanatosDMC2889d ago

Yeah, i wonder what level they are when the author wrote this.

CraigGOA2889d ago

It's not like this is the 1st review to get published.

Also, the WOW instead of WoW error was only in the 1st paragraph and has been fixed now.


alien6262890d ago

even tho its only been one week i could go ahead and make a big review for this game and i agree its around 8-9 great average its a really good game to play and its fun...just wish the monthly fee was cheaper but i been looking for an mmo to play and this is it

ironmonkey2889d ago

never know maybe they will eventually or a package subscription.