10 iPhone games every gamer needs


The iPhone has quickly gone from a gaming device geared mostly towards casual players to a gaming platform most hardcore gamers would place alongside the Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable.

With game spanning every genre as well as titles from popular franchises such as FIFA, Final Fantasy and Call of Duty, there's more than a few games for us all.

We've trawled through the App store to create a short and handy guide to ten of the best iPhone games available today.

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Raendom2807d ago

Monkey Island and Chinatown wars.. Yes. Cut the rope is alright but I wouldn't say every "gamer" NEEDS it. :\

Others... Fail due to touch screen controls, or aren't very good (WaW zombies? Really?).

Best2807d ago

Where is doodle jump and angry birds?

FAGOL2807d ago

I don't really understand why Angry Birds gets so much praise. I've got it but its definatly not the best iPhone game.

FAGOL2807d ago

Really WaW zombies? The touch controls on that game are horrible.