PS3 Cracked And Why We, The Consumers, Will Suffer "The PS3 has been cracked wide open and Sony can't do a thing short of suing the living daylights out of everyone involved. It's a pretty big concern for everyone. Some support the idea of custom firmware while others loathe it. Sony, obviously, isn't too happy about the issue and homebrew really isn't the problem here. With their console bared bare for all, it opens the door to piracy and that's always bad for business."

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Xbox360PS3AndPC2895d ago

Most Things Gets Hacked, Get Over It

justinb12895d ago

Took four years though, gotta hand it to sony, they did a damn good job with the security on the PS3. Compare it to the one month job that the 360 and wii were and you'll see what I mean.

Yi-Long2895d ago

... it just means my PS3 will be even better value for money, now that it will be able to play all kinds of homebrew, hopefully offer region-free BR/DVD play-back, and can act as a fantastic emulator.

Zir02895d ago

I didn't take 4 years, hackers ONLY started trying to break into the PS3 once the Other OS option was taken out. Which means it took just as long to hack the PS3 as it did the Wii/360.

To only difference is the PS3 is now the most open system in gaming history.

2895d ago
UP2895d ago

ziro: Did you read what you just posted? That was the biggest amount of Bullshit I have read in a wile.

NewMonday2895d ago

Even the fail0verflow demonstration said 4 years.

Masterchef20072895d ago

thats true the PS3 look a bloody long time to hack when compared to the Wii and 360. Blu-rays security system and the PS3s cell must have been a nightmare for the hackers. But yes we will suffer in the end because of them

Masterchef20072895d ago

Ignore zero hes just a 360 weenie it shows it his posts

ThanatosDMC2895d ago

It didnt get hacked but the master key was stolen.

MerkinMax2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

I at least hope they ban all of the MW2 modders. That shit is annoying. I was playing, get into the game, and then all of the sudden text pops up saying "Challenges Complete" The modder fucking completed all of my challenges. I was a level 65 and still had tons of challenges I wanted to complete since that is the fun part of the multiplayer. I don't want to prestige because I have never done it. Someone tampering with my game should get their PS3 instantly banned from PSN.

***And to those of you who say the modding happened before GeoHot. All I hear in lobbies is people talking about the jailbreak and giving tuts to eachother. So yeah, GeoHot opened the modding floodgates for these pricks.

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FishCake9T42895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

True. I just dont understand why everyone's going so crazy. I remember back in the day when the PS1 were hacked to shreds and you could buy brand new chipped games for like £3, that seemed to be a pretty successful console though.

theaceh2894d ago

This PS3 hack is different due to the online component. Back in the days of PS1 and PS2 most people played offline, and if you cheated, you were only cheating yourself. But today, some gamers ignore the single player part of games and jump straight into multiplayer, and it sucks to see that you just can't win because others are cheating.

That's what I hate about this "hack"

And all of you people that believe that this was done because of the Other OS feature being removed are either EXTREMELY GULLIBLE or a the biggest bunch of HYPOCRITES EVER.

MariaHelFutura2895d ago

Piracy killed the PSP, Dreamcast (and no DVD) and made PC developers shift to consoles. You`re taking a huge risk by having your platform hacked.

sam22362895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

Piracy killed the PSP, yeah? Then how come Peace Walker got released? How come The 3rd Birthday got released last month? How come there's a new Monster Hunter on the way?

Stop talking out of you ass.

EDIT: @Disagrees: How can you disagree with the truth?! Fuck off fanboys!

EDIT 2: @MariaHelFutura (Below): And you're an ignorant idiot.

EDIT 3: @newmonday: Uh...what? Last time I checked, Peace Walker got released outside of Japan, The 3rd Birthday is getting a US and EU release and Monster Hunter has about two or three games already released outside of Japan with another one coming out this year. What's your point?

MariaHelFutura2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

Your comment is too mature for me to respond to.

You want a problem???

edit: @mushroomwig

I know, It`s hilarious.

mushroomwig2895d ago

Funny how you say that PC developers shifted to consoles yet the 360 has been hacked for years.

NewMonday2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

All these games are Japan centric, the PSP is only alive over there.

Cooldown no need to be hostile.

oricon2895d ago

PS2 and DS are hacked to hell and they still destroyed all competition. lol

UltimateIdiot9112895d ago

Those are Japanese titles and compare to how the PSP started and how the PSP is now. There is a huge and sharp decline in terms of solid and big titles since it got hack.

They've lost a lot of American publishers support because of piracy.

NewMonday2895d ago

My point is that 3rd part western developers have given up on the PSP, western PSPs are overwhelmingly hacked for piracy.

I shouldn’t have to explain it, everybody knows this.

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zeddy2895d ago

you will suffer when sony releases updates every week and starts banning yo ass.

Xbox360PS3AndPC2895d ago

I Dont Have A PS3 So Your Comment Is Invalid & Second Just Because I Wrote About The Precious PS3 & How I Said To Get Over It I Get 20 Disagrees

Rage_S902895d ago

same article over and over again....

2894d ago
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ForROME2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

We Wont Suffer.

Fishy Fingers2895d ago

I'm suffering, trying to find some actual game news on N4G.

MariaHelFutura2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

Yes. I feel like Indiana Jones sometimes on this site. Dodging traps looking for treasures.

Bubble ^

Acquiescence2895d ago

Just sayin'. As long as we're all forgeting the fourth movie.

DelbertGrady2895d ago

Nathan Drake was actually planned long before Indiana Jones. Sure, Indy was released first but Sony and Naughty Dog were already working on Nathan Drake way back in the late 70's.

True story.

Masterchef20072895d ago

Yep N4G at times is N4F (news for fanboys)

acky12895d ago

and with good cause :)
Sony 'til I die

onenut2895d ago

i'm more looking forward to the features the scene will add to ps3 then sony themselves

byeGollum2895d ago

I think the websites are just taking advantage of the whole hacked issue.. to get hits ..

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