Jonathan Ross: 3DS capabilities "far better than I would have thought possible without glasses"

Nintendo Universe writes:

There’s nothing quite like celebrity endorsement of a product, even if they are a little unsuited at times – both Leona Lewis for Final Fantasy XIII and Jedward with Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of Starry Skies, we’re looking at you…!

Still, it seems that Nintendo are keen to spread the word in regards to the anticipated release of its new Nintendo 3DS console, and television and radio presenter Jonathan Ross is one such celebrity that has been recently praising the handheld. Whilst not necessarily a games industry expert, it’s still interesting to read his thoughts.

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Eamon2771d ago

LOL, I've been following him on Twitter and he made those messages this morning (UK).

zootang2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

He gets paid. He has done a few things for Nintendo.

jony_dols2771d ago

Yeah celebrities love Nintendo's (money) consoles.

Especially Helen Mirran. sarc/

trounbyfire2771d ago

OMG the 3ds does nothing special. like i said from the start it works because its small and because there are no glasses you don't get the feeling of being surrounded be the 3d.

many companies have glassless 3d screens. heck sony has them on pocket cam and camcorders. its nothing special

people always say i don't want to have glasses but right now thats the best 3d out.

finbars752771d ago

I agree.I saw this thing and its not that special.I saw the Resident Evil game in 3Ds and when it goes into fps mode it just looks like its hitting the screen or the MetalGear game when he swings his hand it looks like hes touching the screen.WOW thats not 3d in any way shape or form.I cant see how anyone can justify this 3Ds knockoff crap.Wear the glasses then try the 3Ds and tell me what real 3d is.Its just a gimmick to sell more nintendo stuff.The only thing that I give credit for to the 3Ds is the lineup of games they are getting.But then it shows how much crap the nintendo wii has been getting.Another fail to me.You cant depend on a handheld wannabe device to keep you a float thats not how it works and the pricetag isnt going to help it neither.Just wait fo the psp2 to come out then talk to me about what is bang for your buck.Im not a sucker for gimmicks and Nintendo is just trying to fool people with this 3Ds and I guarntee it will be just a flash in the pan.

Big_Dom2771d ago

Could you talk any more bollocks? I heard the same cack from people about the Wii and the DS. They were a flash in the pan too, eh?

gii bro2771d ago

Will sell millions despite what you two bearches say!

kramun2771d ago

So much negativity when it isn't even out yet. I'll save my opinion for when I've actually tried it out.

trounbyfire2771d ago

right me saying that the best 3d out is with glasses because its surrenders you compared to a glorified pop up book. i could go on about the great game line up thats old games or remakes of old games. i coul say a 3 hour battery life is stupid

but i didn't i said that its not special and because its small it works. its not a 56" HDTV

AWBrawler2771d ago

Somebody sounds threatened lol

AWBrawler2770d ago

I am not the one judging an unreleased product by a bias because it doesn't say Sony or Microsoft on the box. Check my comment history, I sing MS and Sony praises when it is meritted, but you readily bash an unreleased game system. So who sounds immature??? hmmmmmmmm?

doctorstrange2771d ago

Wossy isn't exactly the most impartial review - he was hired for Nintendo's anniversary adverts after all

DenyTheFacts2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

What's wrong with Leona Lewis and FF13? If the writer would have played the game till the end he would have understood how her amazing song fits the game.

Lamarthedancer2771d ago

I think it's because Leon Lewis is basicaly manufactured crap and they asked a X factor winner to sing a song for such an amazing franchise (even though ff13 did suck)

The other FF songs had the japanese singer do it in english aswell.

I mean even Lost Odyssey's "What you are" was good even though that was done by Sheena Easton

DenyTheFacts2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

That's bullshit and you know it.. This Lost Odyssey song doesn't even compare to Lewis's song!
And BTW FF13 didn't suck.. If you actually played it instead of basing your words on other peoples opinions you'd understand.

Lamarthedancer2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Wow a hardcore FF fan and a leona lewis fan

I think LO song was better then the Leona lewis song

Hell LO was a better game then FF13.....a true RPG

My words on other opinions, listen mate I bought the game played 20 hours of it and was bord stiff. What about you then I could just say your going along with the FF13 lovers basing your opinion of theres

See it works two ways....pretty neat huh ¬¬

Seedhouse2771d ago

When I had a go about the Leona Lewis endorsement, it wasn't necessarily about the song being included - more to do with that ridiculous video that Square Enix released where she was like "I luv dem vidya gamez *giggle*"

The song, in context at the end of the game, actually did suit it pretty well in the end. I still preferred the Japanese track though, in all honesty.

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