Steam Updates and Releases 15 January 2011

List of Steam updates and releases of 15th January, 2011.

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Dojan1232888d ago

I am amazed how Steam keeps up with the L4D2 support. I do not play it that much, but I do notice the updates. Most of the time the update is not a fix but some type of game improvement. I wish more devs would stick with a game that is over 6 months old.

Mr Exclusive2888d ago

This is the worst news submission i've seen this week.

A) If you own these games, you get autoupdated then check the Steam news log to see what the update is

B) Why not link to the Steam news section for the update instead of this shitty no name blog?


I'm sick of these no name losers looking for cheap clicks on their sites.

b163o12888d ago

Wonder when Valve's bring Steam to PS3? Gabe said it, just wondering.....

hassi942887d ago

It's not proper Steam, don't buy games or anything, just link saves to a steam cloud account etc.

It comes first with Portal 2.