Rumour: Jonathan Ross to host Nintendo 3DS event in Amsterdam

Nintendo Universe writes:

Popular television and radio presenter Jonathan Ross has revealed that Nintendo have invited him to "host a conference next week that gives out info on the 3DS," to which we can presume is the Nintendo 3DS Preview Event set to be held in Amsterdam.

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Pillage052717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

umm...i actually have no idea who Johnathan Ross is.....

edit: after a quick google. ahh, british radio and tv personality.

TheLeprachaun2717d ago

Please don't mentiond jedward. I went to school with them. Should have poisoned them while I had the chance. :(

The Hunter2717d ago

He would love Amsterdam!!

Cajun Chicken2717d ago

"I'll give it four and a half wibbly eggs out of five."

HarryMonogenis2717d ago

Haha! That was an awesome comment. XD

BYE2717d ago

Amsterdam? Nice. That'll help to convince people of the 3D effect even more.

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