Big Games To Hit This Year writes: 2010 was one hell of a year for gaming. With a plethora of AAA titles of every conceivable ilk that rocked our socks and jocks alike. But now that the year is over and the dust is settling, we cast our eyes forward to 2011. What is there to look forward to in the year ahead? And will it be able to top 2010? The easiest answer for that is a resounding maybe. Let’s break it down and have a look at what we can expect on our store shelves and crammed into our consoles for the coming year.

Let us know what games your keen for on the site for 2011.

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Dylantalon12892d ago

like lbp 2, killzone 3, infamous 2, uncharted 3, socom 4, wkc 2, psp2, yakuza 4, motorstorm 3, last guardian, ff vs 13, resistance 3 and more

Kon2892d ago

I didn't knew psp2 was a game.

pimpmaster2892d ago

ok wtf is going on with the site? why does every news post have a mass effect IGN picture on it?


Anything good really
From KZ3 to Wkc2.

ScentlessApprentice72892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

Maybe not for the FPS fanatics (it's pretty much on par with 2010), but for everyone else, it looks pretty damn tasty!!!

Esena2892d ago

The must haves for me these year - and I mean MUST haves, there are plenty of excellent games besides my MUST haves - are LBP2, Killzone 3, Portal 2, ICO Collection, Uncharted 3, and Mass Effect 3.

I'm pretty much looking forward to all of the good games releasing, but if I could only pick six, it would be those six :)

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