Internet spoils Halo 3

Ten days before Halo 3 launches and Master Chief's destiny has already been spurted onto the web. That's right, if you can't be bothered to finish the game (let alone go out and buy it) you can read and watch the final moments of Bungie's latest epic actionfest.

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A Man3902d ago

No more bloody halo. Now its time to RELAX. Master chief, i hope you burn in hell over and over and over and over and over and >>>>>> over Again.

JsonHenry3902d ago

Doesn't matter what got posted, this game is still gonna be a mega million dollar seller.

However, if you want, you can get the Half-Life 2 Orange box and get THE gaming experience of the season.

KoolMan3902d ago

Nice ending(spected that) If you hate spoilers dont watch the video just
be sure there is a Halo4. Master Chief alive? well Watch the video then.

Now is a fact that HALO3 is not about the campaign but the multiplayer.
The ending is also very sad.

SlappyMcTaint3902d ago

WHYYYYYYYYY ! WHYYYYYYYYY ! (sob) NOOOOO! (grabs tissue)

He got teabagged by Yo Momma -what a way to go. (shakes head)

sticky doja3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

I will finish the fight myself.

EDIT: To all the disagrees, I guess you guys are the people that like to know the ending of a movie before you watch it. I am the kinda guy that likes to be suprised, and enjoy the journey, not the end result.

Tsalagi3902d ago

Someone did this on the Xbox forums a week or two ago. They posted the ending and the major plot points.

Vojkan3902d ago

Bungie can blame only themselves. Dont give game to ANYONE before it is time to release it. Ok maybe day or TWO at MAX but not 3 weeks ahead!!! That is insane, you just know this is going to happened. I have not checked but there are most likely torretns to be found.

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The story is too old to be commented.