"Future Weapons" Halo 3 edition airing tonight on Discovery Channel

The Xbox Domain posts "Well Discovery Channel really likes gamers. First they paid for two Gears of War maps and now they are doing a complete episode of Future Weapons for Halo 3."

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Bill Gates3926d ago

It's crazy how much power M$ has. It's able to use the propaganda spreading media to get its message across.Than again all these large corporations are in cahoots with each other. You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours.

But I'm sure they weren't expecting that $600,000,000.00 that they are now responsible for. HAHAHHAAHHA

Chump change or not, this puts a real damper on M$'s future plans. M$ is falling off the tree faster than I was expecting it to. Smaller corporations are coming together to bring down the large powerhouse. I give M$ 10 years TOPS before they are completely ripped of their world power stride.

Anyone who believes otherwise should go do some reasearch.

Noam Chomsky is right, XBOTS are not.....AAAHHAHAHHAHHA

BloodySinner3926d ago

Do some research, you say? If you really wanted to defend your argument, you would of provided supportive evidence in your post. Microsoft may be losing in the Xbox division, but they're gaining in the PC department.


"Sony will lose about 50 billion yen ($413 million) in its video games business this fiscal year, and recovery won't come until the arrival of more games to play on the PlayStation 3 machine, a company executive said Thursday."

"The main point is that the PS3 will still be producing operating losses," Senior Vice President Takao Yuhara told a small group of reporters at Sony Corp.'s Tokyo headquarters.

"On Wednesday, Sony reported that losses for the January-March quarter widened from the same period a year ago to 67.6 billion yen (563 million) in red ink, largely on launch costs for the PS3, or PlayStation 3, which went on sale in November in Japan and the U.S., and in March in Europe."

So what's your point Billy Boy ? Where's your link Tool ? Back up your post LIAR... We ALL know M$ has a much bigger checkbook than Sony. Man, u just PWN yourself everytime u open yur mouth...


Killer B3926d ago

I ended up w/ 800 of 'em. I heart you Discovery Channel.

PimpHandHappy3926d ago

Future weapons

going to check that out!


MannyHarlem1413926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

I have a genuine dislike for Halo 3.. I loved halo, liked halo 2.. but halo 3 can just go to hell at this point.. i'm not saying that because i'm some kind of ridiculous fan boy, i got a 360 too and am currently playing tha CoD4 beta, only on my 360.. but i really hate all the attenion this ostensibly underwhelming game is getting... bioshock is wayyy better

anyhoo, i really, really love discovery for having paid for that Gears content.. btw, Dirty Jobs and Mythbusters are the most entertaining shows on the tele

okcomputer3926d ago

How do you know bioshock is "wayyy" better than halo 3? Halo hasn't even come out yet.

solidt123926d ago

Im tired of all the Hype too. it takes away from the game, but I still believe this will be a great game. i plan on getting it. Oh yeah and I think the Halo 3 Game Fuel Mountain Dew taste

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The story is too old to be commented.