Overblown: Why violent video games are not responsible for violent youth

We have all heard that violent video games are corrupting today’s youth. We saw Bill O’Reilly blasting the sex scene on Mass Effect. But the truth is hatred and blame of violent video games appears to be bipartisan. A Democrat sponsored the California law banning violent video games sales to minors, which is currently in the Supreme Court.

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Serjikal_Strike2893d ago

If they dont blame games...
they blame music...
if they dont blame music...
they blame movies...
Violence in kids comes from their parents and their enviorment they grow up in...
aka : friends they hang around with..
stop blaming games...blame the parents!

ECM0NEY2893d ago

Over all of that it is human nature. All of human history is filled with war and violence.

MintBerryCrunch2893d ago

media will always need a scapegoat...and going after the people that keep their revenue streams growing would be counterproductive to everything that most media sites stand for

ComboBreaker2893d ago

In fact, video games would have prevented Columbine.

Commodore2893d ago

Well let's see here....
I've played all the old school, brutal Mortal Kombats....Never killed anyone

Played the GTA's.....Never raped, shot, killed or stole from anyone.

As long as your not a friggin dumbass, you should be alright.

gameguidedog2893d ago

I concur most wholeheartedly. Kinda the point.... parents need to be trained, not the kids.

RXL2893d ago

i grew up watching steven segal movies...playing mortal kombat...etc

kids now a days are growing up watching disney channel and playing wii sports

im fine..

*watches the news*

*turns the t.v off*

WithMyLastBreath2893d ago

It really depends on the individual. One person might me affected one way and another in a completely different way. But there is definitely not just one factor, that's for sure. And to the person who said violence comes from the environment you grew up in isn't completely true. Like maybe if you grew up in a rough neighborhood you would be more likely to partake in criminal activities OR you would loathe those who do and be completely opposite of them.

Serjikal_Strike2893d ago

Environment can also mean...household enviornment if the parents are always fighting...either beating the crap out of each other or taking it out on the kids..

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