Amazon FAIL or just showing the true value of Mass Effect 2 on the PS3?

Conflicting Gamers, "OK, this has got to be a HUGE fail on Amazons part! Mass Effect 2 for the PS3 isn’t even out yet and Amazon is already set to take your trade-ins, and not for a fair price at that."


Amazon appears to have come to their senses and raised the trade-in value to $13.05.

Update 2:
We got a hold of Amazon to see if they really wanted to be showing this low-ball trade in banner for a game they’re still taking pre-orders on. They said NO! To their surprise, they said this looks to be a technical glitch and will forward this right away to their marketing team. Hopefully they get this cleared up soon.

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fromasterjay2890d ago

That's got to be a mistake....

Blacktric2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Of course it is. The only one who's got the fault in here is ConflictGamers. Announcing this "obvious" and unimportant/easy to fix mistake like something drastic is pathetic in my opinion. The game's not even released, do you really think that an unreleased game will have a trade-in value of 10.50? Once the game's been released or gets even closer to release (3-4 days left for US release if I'm not mistaken) they're obviously going to fix it.

AAACE52890d ago

Well, a lot of people beat it on 360 and traded it away quickly. So they probably anticipate the same thing happening!

Soldierone2889d ago

This is what certain gaming sites have come to sadly....anything and everything that can be flamebait is posted. Even if it doesnt make logical sense at all.

For those of you that would like to hear the common sense, it was listed with the Xbox version that has been out a while. Thus decreased value. If another fanboy site would like to take another approach expect "PS3 ME2 Worth more than 360"

The Matrix2890d ago

So I've done the Amazon trade-in and the deal is that sometimes Amazon gives you a very good price for your game (compared to Crapstop that is) and everyone once in a while they will try to rip you off. All in all it's the best way to get rid of games and peripherals you don't want anymore...unless you want to risk eBay.

Simon_Brezhnev2890d ago

Yeah i use to sell games

AEtherbane2889d ago

Anyone who doesn't think this is a mistake is pretty dumb...

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ScarT2890d ago


cgmike2890d ago

So did I! It was followed by an interesting segment on how using all CAPS can lead to someone contracting "Negative Bubble Vote" Syndrome.

beavis4play2889d ago

funny, mike - bubbles for that.

TOSgamer2890d ago

Amazon doesn't even set the trade in prices. A third party pays amazon to take trade ins for them. That's why once in a while amazon's selling price is actually lower then their trade in price. Of course that usually gets fixed pretty quickly as people just start flipping it back to Amazon trade ins for a profit.

josephayal2890d ago

Cant wait for the blu-ray version of ME2 and ME3

Blacktric2890d ago

So I guess the 360 and PC versions can't be considered as complete since the game is coming to PS3 now. You pathetic trolls make me laugh super hard sometimes. Mass Effect started on Xbox 360 and for the most people, the best console to play the game on is Xbox 360. Not PS3 or PC. Just like how Final Fantasy became an iconic series on the PS and how FF XIII is best played on the PS3, same goes for Mass Effect and 360.

AnonUser55552890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Why is Mass Effect "best played" on 360? Or FFXIII "best played" on PS3? You just sound ridiculous when you say things like that.

And you call OTHERS "pathetic trolls"? That's rich.

MysticStrummer2890d ago

@Blacktric - Most people would say ME is best on PC. Many, if not most people would also say FFXIII is a shadow of what FF used to be, on any platform.

beavis4play2889d ago

i'm just happy it's coming to ps3 so i'll be able to play it!

that is what's important isn't it - playing a fun game, regardless of what console it was on first?

turgore2889d ago

more like the glitchy version LOL

the_best_player2889d ago

thanks for the beta testing 360 users :)

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nilamo2889d ago

Yeah don't forget the ME1 blu-ray version....oh wait

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