Stone Sour Set to Debut on Rock Band Next Week

Harmonix has announced next week’s Rock Band DLC will be the debut of rock group, Stone Sour.

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RogueCheddar2891d ago

yeah, why would I want to play songs from a band I've never heard of

Soldierone2891d ago

Stone Sour is lead by Corey Taylor, has had three fantastic CD's. Corey Taylor is also the singer of Slipknot, if you haven't heard of them then why are you playing ROCK Band?

RogueCheddar2891d ago

So everyone who likes any music that fits under the incredibly large genre umbrella of rock music has to like.. slipknot?

thereapersson2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

First album: pretty good
Second album: Too much whining
Third album: Good mix of hardcore alternative metal

Omega Archetype2890d ago

Great band, you should definitely check them out!

Soldierone2891d ago

Awesome! Cant wait to play some Corey Taylor!

sickpup2891d ago

Awesome! This is why I love Rock Band. They need a bigger pack and more Slipknot too.

gorebago2891d ago

I'd would prefer some Sly stone instead.

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