SOCOM 4 Releasing Sometime in April

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that SOCOM 4 is being set for a release date sometime in April of this year.

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Commander_TK2773d ago

I know what I'm getting for birthday then.

AKA2773d ago

April fools jokes are made in april,
or im wrong?

alien6262773d ago

how is it an april fools joke? i think thats a good time to release the game

wasnt this game supposed to come out last year? if it did then that meant it was almost done with game or just polishing the game by april they should be done

40cal2773d ago

April is perfect for me,

LPB in Jan. Killzone in Feb. Crysis in Mar. then Socom in Apr.

Hoping for L.A Noire in May and MGS Rising in June.

NoobSessions2773d ago

Socom's not really my cup of tea...
but if it looks interesting I might pick it up.

redDevil872773d ago

I've never played a Socom but i'm looking forward to this.

There aren't enough TPS games with squad commands and ones that involved tactics this gen. Sounds like it gonna be fun.

MidnytRain2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

This game is looking sick so far, but I'll wait until Ghost Recon: Future Soldier comes out, even if it doesn't release until next year. Then, will I make my decision on which game I want.

pansenbaer2773d ago

Previous gen Socom games were great; the best in the genre. Let's hope this one impresses.

ThanatosDMC2773d ago

I'm looking forward to the single player online co-op. I'm hoping for a zombie mod too since there's a lot of bot AI. I'm kinda disappointed about the player count though for multiplayer after MAG but it is Socom so it's more tactical than skill.

shepowy2773d ago

Hope the game looks in better shape by then, as the demo i played a while back wasn't too impressive tbh.

CovertGunman2773d ago

Ah well that's a relief. There was absolutely no chance it could have been any other month. /sarcasm

Watch it get delayed now. :P

DEADEND2773d ago

I hope this is true I really want this game badly. I can't wait to get this and MotorStorm Apocalypse.

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The story is too old to be commented.