Yakuza: Of The End Has A Bit Of Dead Rising And A Bit Of Dungeon Crawling

Siliconera: Similar to Dead Rising players can use ordinary objects to fend off flesh-eating zombies in this PlayStation 3 game.

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redDevil872809d ago

This game is gonna be sik.

But this or Motorstorm 3? Damn release schedule

despair2809d ago

lol nothing wrong with waiting a little while before getting a game :)

ForzaGT2809d ago

yakuza 4 and handful of other other great games will keep my busy till this comes next year, nice to see they are taking a different direction

Redempteur2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

Similar to dead rising ?using objects to beat your ennemies existed in the ryu ga gotoku series WAy before dead rising was even conceived !!

this should be :
" As usual , players are able to use various objects to beat zombies like in every RGG game before " or something like that.

i'm accustomed to beat my ennemies with a bycicle , with a orange cone or even with a plastic box ..Seriously.

Dead rising wasn't the first zombie game ever created guys ..why the comparaison ?? Well maybe i shouldn't expect much from this website

Rob9462809d ago

well id say motorstorm only because this wont get released in the us and europe the same time as it does in japan.So if u cant speak japenese id get motorstorm if u can this all the way !.Although yakuza 4 will be out in march so id say get that :)